Texas: naked body of 26-year-old influencer found on road – .

Alexis Sharkey, a 26-year-old American influencer, was discovered dead on a road in Texas on Sunday November 29.

No trace of trauma on the body

Friends ofAlexis sharkey reported her disappearance, Saturday, November 28, when the young woman missed a screening at the cinema, reports The influencer The 26-year-old, followed by more than 46,000 subscribers, was also not reachable and had not been connected for several hours.

The family of the victim, worried, started looking for him without delay. The day after his disappearance, i.e. Sunday November 29, the lifeless body of the young woman was discovered on a road by employees of the city of Houston in Texas.

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“I believe she was murdered”

Alexis Sharkey’s naked body showed no signs of trauma. An autopsy will determine the causes of his death.
“I believe she was murdered”, said Stacey Robinault, the victim’s mother, to ABC13. She then added: “I learned very young as a mom to trust my instincts. It didn’t disappoint me.” Relatives of the young woman lamented that the latter was “thrown on the side of the road, naked, like a trash can”.

According to his friends, Alexis sharkey and her husband Tom Sharkey were not getting along very well and that she recently filed for divorce.

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