The 10 most expensive cities to live

Bern, Switzerland, bridge, river
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As regular as the movement of one of the luxurious watches made in the country, Switzerland It is one more year the region where a most of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

Bern, Zurich, Geneva and Basel are in the top 5 of the ranking of the annual survey carried out this year by ECA International, displacing Japan to sixth place, fourth in 2019.

Switzerland’s continued dominance in the rankings is no longer a surprise. A medium cappuccino in a coffee shop in Zurich costs $ 5.98 (€ 5.29), compared to $ 4.56 (€ 4.03) in New York, $ 5.01 (€ 4.43) from Hong Kong and the 3.66 dollars (3.24 euros) from London.

Ashgabat maintains its title of most expensive city And although for some it is not a dream city, the capital of Turkmenistan has become a staple destination in this classification in the last year.

In Seventh place is Tokyo and Yokohama rises to tenth position since the fourteenth of 2019, which highlights the high cost of living in Japan.

Tel Aviv (Israel) reaches eighth place, compared to the ninth of 2019, and Jerusalem rises from thirteenth to ninth.

‘Top 20’

Among the top 20 places, the United States has two cities: Manhattan –ECA International does not consider New York City– in sixteenth place, compared to position 21 the previous year, and Honolulu (Hawaii), which opens at 20.

The rest of the top 20 are dominated by Asian cities: Osaka (12) and Nagoya (13), ahead of Singapore (14) and Macau (15). The capital of South Korea, Seoul (17) and Shanghai (19) in China complete the Asian representation. Oslo (18) and Harare (11) in Zimbabwe, another country suffering from hyperinflation, round out the top 20.

* ECA International’s Cost of Living Survey focuses on the everyday goods and services that people pay for. From food to staples, household items and general expenses – clothing, appliances, meals out, gym, alcohol, tobacco. It excludes accommodation, utilities and school fees, as the company says these are “generally offset separately in expat packages.”

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Bern, Switzerland, bridge, river

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