The 5 possible endings of ‘Cobra Kai’ and its final season

Cobra Kai fans recently received good news and bad news. The series was renewed for a sixth season, but this will be the last. The production, which became an unexpected success as a YouTube original production and later jumped to Netflix to become even more popular, seems to have completed its cycle. Especially after the last few episodes resolved several of its most complex conflicts and closed the story arc of its main characters.

All in all, the story still seems to have a few things to show and arcs to work out. In fact, its producers assured that it would be “the biggest season” of all. Also, the moment to understand that the story, which has become a generational milestone, is actually about adult redemption. The production journey has been long and unique. But, especially, a demonstration of the power of nostalgia in the hits of television and streaming platforms.

Precisely, the big question that the last season of Cobra Kai will have to answer is which way it will lean. Will it pay homage to the saga from which it comes? Will it accentuate interest in the new characters? Whatever the answer, the conclusion will be an emotional experience. Both for new audiences and those of the original plot.

The Cobra Kai dojo could be defeated in the Sekai Taikai

The culmination of the previous season of the series left the future of the Cobra Kai dojo in the middle of an unknown, because many of the characters find themselves in complex situations. Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) was arrested, which could be considered a sendoff—at least a temporary one—for the character. Also, all Cobra Kai students demonstrated their rejection of Silver’s bribery during All Valley, leaving the dojo. So there is a possibility: that Sensei Kim takes control of the institution.

Which could cause the old confrontation of the franchise in theaters to reach the small screen. Could a clash in the middle of the Serai Taikai arena between Cobra Kai and the Miyagi-do dojo be the end of the series? Such an argument would become not only a tribute to the saga. Also in a suitable cycle culmination for the journey of characters and plot through the years.

John Kreese achieves his redemption

No one doubts it, the one who least wants to find his kindest side is Kreese himself. For the character, who pretty much jumped from the movies to the series with few changes, his demeanor is what might be expected of him. In other words, he is convinced that he must take on anyone who stands in the way of the Cobra Kai dojo. However, the script made him face his fears and opened up the possibility of an evolution in his behavior.

It is likely that one of the important arcs of the sixth season of Cobra Kai will happen to provide the opportunity for this iconic villain of the saga to find an honorable conclusion. Which would close, with elegance and sensitivity, his curious place in the franchise and, specifically, in the production of Netflix.

Terry Silver understands that he will never be able to carry out his plans in Cobra Kai

Tery SilverCobra Kai

The previous season of Cobra Kai hinted that Silver was suffering from a terminal illness, which would explain part of his behavior. So, a good conclusion could include a final showdown against Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) that caps off the rivalry between the two appropriately. A failure in a confrontation that represented the downfall of Silver’s plans would be much more satisfying than just his death.

Could both happen? Apparently, Cobra Kai is preparing to close the few conflicts that remain unresolved in an elegant and complete way. So a hand-to-hand battle between Chozen and Silver is, in all probability, one of the highlights of the future installment.

The appearance Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce in Cobra Kai

Nowadays, hardly anyone seems to remember that Oscar winner Hilary Swank was Julie Pierce, the other Miyagi alum (Pat Morita). But, although her film was not especially successful, it was relevant enough to be considered part of the canon of the saga. Could it be the big surprise in a closing season that is considered more ambitious than the previous ones?

Although neither the producers nor the actors have hinted at such a thing, it is not entirely unlikely. Until now, Cobra Kai has brought back all the characters from each of his films, even some more discreet than Julie. So, a small cameo from the actress could be the missing piece in this clever mechanism of nostalgia.

Johnny is the leader of Cobra Kai again

Johnny Cobra Kai

The character stopped being Cobra Kai’s sensei in the second season. So a fitting goodbye, with further growth in the universe of the series, could be to resume leadership of him in the dojo. It would be a symbolic way of making it clear that time passed and it did so as an emotional and moral evolution, one of the great themes of the premise.

At the same time, it could be an elegant and well-planned journey through the character story. This man with a harsh past, who struggled to recover and rediscover his sense of identity, is a symbol of the production. At the same time, it is the demonstration that the program aspires to close all its threads emotionally. Which would give Cobra Kai a finishing touch that links the latest episodes with its acclaimed first season.

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