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the ace up HBO’s sleeve

If you are part of the considerable group of fans who wondered if there were still possibilities for the series of Justice League Dark from JJ Abrams on HBO Max, we have good news for you. The series is still in the process of production, despite the scant news around it and the general silence in production. Apparently, the channel keeps the series as an ace up its sleeve for after the premiere of Justice League Snyder Cut, considered the grand premiere of DC’s expanded film universe of the year.

The information emerged in the middle of a round of questions to TVLine, where it was confirmed that HBO Max is still developing the series. The news comes to deny the successive rumors about a possible cancellation of the project or in the best of cases, a change of hands in the middle of production. In April of last year it was revealed that Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath would create three series for the streaming service, as part of the agreement that the production company Bad Robot had reached with the cable giant.

One of them was a production based on Justice League Dark from DC, a property with a long history of development like a movie. But until now, the story of the twisted characters who accompany John Constantine to fight the forces of darkness remained unadaptable. Or at least, that’s what DC insisted on after several attempts. A couple of years ago it was rumored about a version of Guillermo Del Toro’s hand that never crystallized.

Back to the center of darkness

Justice League Dark

Information about Justice League Dark came after TVLine discussed the future of Swamp Thing. The series, considered of enormous quality but arrived at the wrong time on television, was canceled after a first season. His dark and uncomfortable plot did not seem to the liking of the television public of Warner and ended up doing a short tour of some other cable companies. Then it became a rarity, which according to its producers could be part of larger universes like The Arrowverse, and maybe some other bridge project to introduce other characters.

And it is here where Justice League Dark it could benefit. To get into context. In the original story of Swamp Thing, John Constantine has a prominent place so the series could afford to bring an origin story to the Abrams show. Abrams’ deal with HBO Max involves solo series for Constantine and Zatanna. So the characters of Justice League Dark They could begin their journey on television, both on the Arrowverse and on the upcoming list of DC shows on HBO Max. The idea seems to suggest an independent television universe that includes most of the Warner series, in the style of Crisis on Infinite Earths which managed to link most of the characters into a single multi-layered story.

‘Justice League Dark’: a bit of history

Justice League Dark

Introduced in 2011 as part of the publisher’s DC New 52 relaunch, Justice League Dark follow the events surrounding a group of supernatural heroes fighting magical threats and demonic beyond the reach of traditional Justice League.

In the same way as in Marvel, magic in DC occupies a specific place and also extends in several layers and dimensions. The list of characters that are part of the team include John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and many more. For now there is no clear news about who will form the team on television. Nonetheless, both Constantine and Zatanna are sure to be involved in the show’s plot.

In 2017, a direct animated film from Justice League Dark Directed by Jay Oliva. The movie made it straight to television and had mixed reviews, especially for softening the original story of the comic. A sequel, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War directed by Christina Sotta premiered in 2020, without awakening special enthusiasm in the fans.

On the version side live action throughout history, the project has passed through various hands. In 2015, Guillermo del Toro was involved with a film adaptation of the team, which he eventually abandoned due to scheduling problems. Later, Doug Liman took control of the project only to abandon it later, this time due to creative conflicts over how to put the story. For now, the film remains in the undesirable limbo of incomplete films and there is little chance it will make it to the big screen. Unless of course, that HBO Max make another one of your unexpected board moves and use the reef of Justice League Snyder Cut by Zack Snyder to benefit the project.

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