The aircraft carriers of the future will carry more drones than planes – Explica .co

04/09/2021 at 09:43 CEST

Nearly two-thirds of the planes flying from US Navy carriers might one day be unmanned, including the possibility of drone fighter jets. Like the Air Force, the Navy adopt a “family of systems” approach to your air domain program Next Generation, or NGAD, which will use aircraft, sensors, and other equipment that complement each other and work together to prevent threats.

Rear Admiral Gregory Harris, naval operations air warfare director, said during a Navy League event Tuesday. “We expect that family of systems to be a mix of manned and unmanned at this point, theoretically looking and driving towards a 40-60 unmanned / manned division. And eventually change that to 60-40 unmanned / manned division.” .

Service leaders announced in November that they want a squad of 20 MQ-25A tanker drones to revolutionize the air wings of aircraft carriers. The Navy is studying how the drone, capable of refueling aircraft in flight and conducting intelligence operations, surveillance and reconnaissance, amplifies the operations of the aircraft carrier’s air wing.

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