The AirPods are arguably the world’s most popular and best-selling 100% wireless headphones. Few believed in Apple’s strategy when the first generation was presented more than 3 years ago, but time has proved the Cupertino boys right, there is more to see the current market, all rival Apple companies have decided to make their own “copy” of the AirPods.

Due to this success, Apple launched the AirPods Pro at the end of last year, a new model with a different design and better sound quality, especially thanks to active noise cancellation. This new model came with a price higher than that of second-generation AirPods: 279 euros. However, just a few months after its launch, Now you can get them for much less, and at a trusted store like Amazon.

The AirPods Pro for only 229 euros

Apple currently sells 3 different AirPods models in the Apple Store, the second generation AirPods with a normal charging case, the second generation AirPods with a wireless charging case and the AirPods Pro with a wireless charging case.

The official price of AirPods 2 with wireless charging case is 229 euros and that of AirPods Pro 279, but now the latter are available on Amazon at the price of the former. I mean, you can save 50 euros on AirPods Pro right now and get them for only 229 euros.

Buy AirPods Pro | Amazon | 229 euros

Remember that the price of these AirPods Pro is this at the time of writing this article, the available stock could be depleted and the price could vary during the next few hours.

AirPods Pro Specifications

The AirPods Pro represent an evolution in Apple’s strategy around its headphones and are designed for those who want a superior sound experience and good noise cancellation. With the AirPods Pro you can isolate yourself and focus only on what you are listening to, but also with its transparency function, with just a touch you can hear everything that happens around you.

These are the official specifications of the AirPods Pro:

Active noise cancellation and transparency functions.
Control by squeezing the end of the device to change songs.
Automatic activation and connection.
Faster wireless connection to your devices thanks to Apple’s new H1 chip.
Simple setup for all your Apple devices.
Quick access to Siri just by saying “Hey Siri”.
They are quickly loaded in the case.
The case can be charged using the Lightning connector or via wireless charging.
The charging case gives you multiple charges and over 24 hours of use.
High quality sound and voice.
Easy change from one device to another.

We had not seen an offer like this in the AirPods Pro since they do not usually drop so much in price, and it is also in a fully guaranteed store like Amazon. We do not know how long it will last so if you want to get AirPods Pro at the best price get them as soon as possible, they could be sold out in the next few hours.