The Apple Watch saved this user by detecting atrial fibrillation

The Apple Watch has saved a life again. This time it was the detection feature atrial fibrillation (AFib) the one that has alerted a user to variations in their heart rate and consequently seek timely medical attention.

Apple watch
Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) on Apple Watch

As it has been known through a publication made on Reddit by the same user, the Apple Watch has saved him from deadly consequences.

Apple Watch continues to save lives

The user has made his experience known through his Reddit account. His version includes the details from the device alert until his arrival at the hospital where the diagnosis was confirmed.

“I felt bad on Wednesday, but at night I felt better. While watching TV with my OS, my watch starts with a strange warning sound and I check it. There is an AFib warning so I recorded the ECG and notify my doctor. She tells me to go right away and as I go, I get 2 more warnings. “

«Emergency doctors They mocked the Apple Watch’s ECG saying it wasn’t accurate enough to use as a diagnostic tool. I replied that he at least warned me to seek medical assistance, whereas without the watch I could have had a stroke. I was skeptical before this incident, but after the watch saved me, now I praise its courage to all I can! “

Detecting the irregularity in the heart rhythm has been one of the focuses of the functions for the health of the Apple Watch. This manifestation occurs when the upper chambers of the heart beat out of sync with the lower chambers. Y it manifests itself between 2% of people under 65 and 9% of people over 65.

Despite medical skepticism, many people with AFib do not experience any symptoms And that is where the Apple Watch makes a difference, because beyond the alert, it insists the user to contact their medical service, in case of noticing any irregularity of this type.

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