The banner shoots Laporta towards the presidency of Barcelona – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Less than two weeks before the elections to the Barcelona presidency, as long as they are not canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Joan Laporta He is the great favorite to become the new boss of the Barça club. Not only because of the number of signatures obtained by the one who was president of the culé between 2003 and 2010, but also because of the fact that the bookmakers give him quite an advantage in the forecasts with respect to his three rivals.

Something that has not always been the case since the beginning of the electoral campaign. In fact, Joan Laporta was quite far from the head last November in the forecasts, when the favorite was Víctor Font. The Granollers candidate led the forecasts with a share of 1.5 euros, more than one euro than a Laporta that had a 2.75 share per euro bet on Betfair.

However, one gesture changed everything. On December 15, a building on Madrid’s Paseo de La Habana, located less than 100 meters from the Santiago Bernabéu, woke up with a giant Joan Laporta banner with the phrase “Want to see you again”. A spectacular electoral maneuver by Joan Laporta’s campaign team, who saw their chances of winning catapult from the placement of the banner in the capital.

To this day, Laporta’s win is paid on Betfair at 1.33 euros per euro wagered. The bookmakers take his victory almost for granted and the former president is very far from his three rivals: Víctor Font is the closest to Laporta, with a fee of 4 euros. Further away are Toni Freixa (quota 13) and Rousaud (quota 15). The bets hardly give these two candidates a chance.

Elections in the eye of the hurricane

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting Spain with a third wave that is leaving very worrying figures in the country. It does not seem the best time to hold an election, but Laporta is one of the candidates who is campaigning the most so that on January 24 the Barça members can go to vote.

This Wednesday, Joan Laporta took advantage of the presentation of his economic project at the headquarters of the Moritz Factory in Barcelona to continue pressing: “If the Manager does not allow voting on the 24th, it will be a fraud against democracy”, said the former president, who was confident: “I am optimistic and I think that the date of the Barça elections will be confirmed. It depends on the Manager, and has already set this date. The Generalitat at no time has said that it is going to interfere in the Barça elections. The only thing would be the mobility restrictions, but the Barça certificate and card should be enough.

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