The beautiful Maron overcomes the break with Krillin with this daring cosplay in her typical yellow swimsuit

Despite the fact that Maron has a short participation in Dragon Ball Z, he has a significant number of followers and followers of Akira Toriyama’s anime. Her typical outfit, always in a yellow bathing suit, is the reason for multiple cosplays on social networks.

The beautiful Maron was Krillin’s girlfriend in the Garlic Jr. arc. Those who watched the series know that she was a beautiful and voluptuous young woman who is only part of the anime, but is not in the manga.

She just comes off as Krillin’s girlfriend and is one of the few beings on Earth who doesn’t get infected with the evil water that Garlic Jr. spreads all over the planet.

All the elements of this character are highlighted by the model Arelly Trujillo, who, through an interpretation, put on the yellow bathing suit, emulated the blue hair and even the diving goggles with which Maron appears.

The final touch is the Vegeta tattoo on his leg, something that would make Krillin and, of course, Bulma jealous.

The story of the beautiful Maron in Dragon Ball

Maron is Krillin’s first girlfriend back during the Garlic Jr. arc and before he met Android 18.

She is saved from not being infected with the evil water, since at the time of the release she was on the beach of Kame House under the water together with Krillin.

Finally, as the friends of Dragon Ball Wiki Hispanic, Krillin left her thinking that he wouldn’t be enough for her. Maron left with another man on the beach, thereby showing her that she was not interested in being with him.

In Latin America, the voice of Maron was interpreted by Belinda Martínez, while in Spain it was done by Lola Álvarez. For Japan, Yuko Kobayashi.