The best aerial photographs of 2020

The 2020 aerial photography awards have had the participation of photographers from all over the world who have used drones, helicopters, kites, balloons or airplanes … all to win succulent $ 10,000 prize.

The contest, promoted through, received thousands of entries from 65 participating countries. The absolute winner of the grand prize was the Belgian Sebastien Nagy, who was declared the 2020 Aerial Photographer of the Year.

After receiving this award, he commented: ‘To be honest, I had never entered a contest before, but I had heard about it in a very positive way, so I entered. I didn’t think I would win anything and it was mostly for fun. So I was very surprised to hear the good news. At first it was a bit hard to believe, as it was the Grand Prix, but I felt a real joy and pride. ”

Certainly aerial photographs offer us an extraordinary view of the world. For sample, a button: