The best AirPods Pro cases you can buy

The AirPods Pro are a true wonder, one of the best wireless headphones on the market without any doubts. However you are likely to see the quite delicate case, especially in the face of possible scratches. In that case, getting a cover is the best you can do, and we’ve compiled an incredible selection of covers for all types of users.

Silicone sheath

It is one of the easiest recommendations, this type of covers protect the AirPods case from scratches and add little weight or thickness. They are also very affordable and you have several colors at your disposal to personalize the case of the Apple Pro headphones. This option, in addition to having a very good price, includes a metal carabiner to use as a keychain.

The most classic AirPods case

This case is a real wonderPerfect if you are an Apple lover of those who started with the iPod. It is created by the elago brand, which offers the highest quality and will protect your AirPods from scratches and falls, while offering a unique design.


If you are a true adventurer and you go with your AirPods everywhere, this may be one of the best cases you can buy. It has IP67 resistance to protect AirPods Pro from water, rain or snow. It also has a modern silicone design that fits like a glove, a very interesting option.

Transparent to maintain the AirPods design

If you are not very fond of cases, since you like the original design of the devices, the best thing you can do to protect your AirPods Pro is to buy a transparent case. This type of covers they fit in the case and hardly add thickness or weight, and being transparent the design remains intact.

The geekiest cover

A cover for nostalgic gamers, No doubt. elago has created a collection of retro covers, one is the iPod that we have already shown you and another is this one in the shape of a GameBoy. The resistance and quality of materials is guaranteed, and the unique design, too.

Resistance above all for your AirPods Pro

If you want to protect your AirPods Pro so that they are intact even if they fall from several meters high, this is your case. Spigen has created a Tough Armor case for the AirPods Pro that is probably the strongest on the market, and available in three different colors.