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Kiko Rivera, all his fronts open before his return to television

Is there a place for hope and forgiveness? Is it time to reach out for that long-awaited reconciliation? Could it be a clean slate for me difficult that this seems? Or will more fuel be added to the fire? To these and other questions about the complicated current relationship that he maintains with his mother Isabel Pantoja, Kiko Rivera will have to answer, who this Sunday returns to sit on a television set. And it does so two months after the DJ brought to light the tension that reigns between the two for a mainly economic matter. It will be again in the Deluxe where Kiko will give an interview that, like that last named Singer: The Poisoned Inheritance, comes loaded with great expectation. The son of the tonadillera will speak of everything that has surrounded his people in these intense weeks, since the bitter family conflict on account of Paquirri’s inheritance became known. Now, the DJ has more open fronts that have emerged from the different public crossings of statements and that have raised the dispute to the sentimental terrain. Kiko Rivera, about Isabel Pantoja: ‘You cannot fight against someone who does not fight to have you’ SEE GALLERY The penultimate chapter of this confrontation featured Isabel, who this week wanted to clarify in Ana Rosa’s Program the latest criticisms of she dumped for her son. The problem, in this case, stems from the different interpretations that one and the other gave to a birthday greeting message that the artist sent to one of her granddaughters. For Kiko Rivera, her mother’s tone was not the most appropriate in some of the expressions used, while Isabel defended herself with an audio sent to the morning program where she said the following: “I wanted to congratulate my granddaughter on her 5 years. Ana, darling, may you be very happy with the people who love you and are with you. May you have many toys, enjoy yourself a lot and have a great time with your sister Carlota. That I love you a lot and I will always love you. And that Please your mother be so kind, if she has time, that maybe she can’t have it, to put this on you so that you can hear that your grandmother has congratulated you. For my two princesses, a very strong kiss “, the singer finished. Isabel Pantoja recovers the car that she gave to her son Kiko Rivera VIEW GALLERY Even so, the complicated situation between Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja has ended up splashing other family members, such as his wife Irene Rosales, his sister Isa Pantoja and also his uncle Agustín. Regarding the latter, Isabel’s right-hand man, there are those who claim that he plans to take legal action against his nephew after the DJ’s latest statements that do not leave him in a very good place. On the contrary, the one who does not plan to sue his mother is Kiko Rivera despite the fact that, according to the DJ, she has a debt with him that he estimates at about three million euros. In this apparent impasse in which we find ourselves, Kiko is increasingly distancing herself from her mother while establishing an unprecedented bond with her older brothers Francisco and Cayetano. Relatives, all of them, who this very Friday were shaken by the death of José Rivera ‘Riverita’, Paquirri’s brother, who had witnessed this long-awaited rapprochement between his family. Irene Rosales explodes against those who blame her for the confrontation between Kiko Rivera and her mother

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