The best escape room games for iPhone and iPad

Our iPhone or iPad is a perfect device to spend hours playing, in the App Store we have thousands of very interesting games. And among them, escape room games are very popular. These escapism games will test our wits in different ways, and they’re great for passing time.

iPhone 12
IPhone is a great device for gaming

In an escape room game we must solve mysteries and puzzles, find clues, locate objects and use them at the right time To be able to get out of the place where we are trapped These types of games have become very popular and in the App Store we have a good number of escape room games for iPhone and iPad.

10 escape room games for iPhone and iPad

We have selected the 10 most interesting escape room games on the App StoreIf you like solving puzzles and mysteries, watch out for these incredible games, most of them are free.

The Room

One of the pioneers. The Room is an interactive puzzle wrapped in a mystery game and is one of the oldest on the App Store. Despite everything, it still has very decent graphics and a game system to match.

The Room Two

The second version of the game arrives with a more complex story, we must follow the trail of the cryptic letters of the enigmatic scientist known only as “AS” and enter a fascinating world of mystery and exploration.

The Room Three

The latest version of the game and the most interesting of all. We are on a remote island and we will have to use our skills to solve puzzles and pass a series of tests conceived by a mysterious character known as “The Craftsman.”

Escape room 50

An escape room game in which we meet 50 different rooms and 50 challenges. As you progress through the levels, it will be more difficult to complete them.

Horror Escape Room Adventure

You arrive at a horror escape room and a suspicious man greets you. The first thing he offers you is to sign an agreement to participate in this terrifying adventure. But something went wrong … It seems that it is not a game but a trap of a madman, who made these psycho escape rooms. Now is the time to think and escape, otherwise you are dead.

The Birdcage

In this puzzle game we must help the nice birds to get out of their cage through the resolution of different very entertaining puzzles. Solve all the riddles of the 26 golden cages, and the story of the birds locked inside.

Spotlight: Room Escape

Our hero is in a strange and unknown place. Can’t remember who he is but he has to escape the room. Only the smartest will survive. Combine different objects within the game to advance and try to find the answer to the main question, who was the one who kidnapped us and why?

Samsara room

You find yourself in a strange room. There is a phone, a mirror, a grandfather clock, and other weird objects that you don’t recognize. It seems that there is only one way to escape… Achieve enlightenment.

Reich’s Lair: Escape Room

A few months ago, our agents discovered the location of the secret military base № 211 built by the Germans after the Second World War. Hidden in the desert of Antarctica, it is believed that the bunker is the place where the enemy is planning the establishment of the Fourth Reich, hiding the world’s relics and treasures and conducting horrible experiments.

Escape Room !!

The purpose of this game is leave the rooms. Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms to advance to the next floor.

Hopefully you liked these escape room games for iPhone and iPad, you will spend hours solving puzzles and mysteries and exercising your mind. these types of games are great to play from a touch device.

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