The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone Available Right Now

Apple has introduced a new technology in the iPhone 12 called MagSafe. It’s about a ring of magnets and an NFC sensor that allow us to use very interesting new accessories. We have already seen several examples of this type of accessories, and today we bring you a compilation of the best.

MagSafe charger
MagSafe accessories become popular

It is a technology that accessory manufacturers can use to create anything they can imagine. Now these MagSafe accessories are already starting to hit major stores, and can be an excellent gift or purchase right now.

The best MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12

Apple has MagSafe-compatible cases, chargers and wallet. But today we are going to show you very interesting third party accessories also compatible with MagSafe. And also much cheaper.

Best MagSafe chargers for iPhone 12

Apple has two MagSafe chargers, the normal charger and the MagSafe Duo to charge the Apple Watch. Here you have several alternatives available on Amazon and AliExpress that you will surely like, especially because of their price.

MagSafe Hoidokly charger

This charger available on Amazon barely costs 19.99 euros, supports 15W fast wireless charging and supports MagSafe. It also has a small stand to hold the iPhone on a table.

Buy | 19.99 euros

ESR HaloLock charger

This MagSafe charger is not as similar to Apple as the previous one, it is a traditional charging base with MagSafe holder. In this way, placing the iPhone in the proper position will be very simple.

Buy | 19.99 euros

MagSafe charger base
MagSafe Wireless Charging Base

Magnetic Wireless Charger

This option is available on AliExpress, so it will take a little longer to arrive. But in exchange you get a MagSafe charger very similar to Apple’s and at a knockdown price: 11.40 euros

Buy | 11.40 euros

MagSafe AliExpress Charger
AliExpress MagSafe Charger

Duo charger

At AliExpress we also have a dual charger for iPhone and Apple Watch that uses MagSafe and can be folded in half. Its price is only 17.24 euros, and it is a very interesting accessory.

Buy | 17.24 euros

MagSafe Duo AliExpress
A dual charger with MagSafe for iPhone and Apple Watch

ESR car charger

This type of accessory is one of the best with MagSafe. With this car holder, your iPhone will be held by magnets and will be charged wirelessly. A cool accessory that It only costs 23.99 euros on Amazon.

Buy | 23.99 euros

MagSafe car charger
MagSafe car charger and holder

MagSafe car charger

In AliExpress we also have a MagSafe car holder and charger. If you can wait a few days, for only 15.99 euros This cool MagSafe holder can be yours.

Buy | euros

MagSafe car charger
MagSafe iPhone Stand and Charger

The best MagSafe cases for the iPhone 12

MagSafe works on iPhones with any case, although the hold may not be entirely secure. For that reason, it is very interesting to get a case with built-in MagSafe. Below you have two silicone and transparent options for different iPhone 12 models at a great price on Amazon.

MagSafe iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Silicone Case | 19.99 euros

Transparent case MagSafe iPhone 12 and 12 Pro case | 19.99 euros

MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Max Silicone Case | 15.99 euros

Transparent case MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Max case | 18.74 euros

Other MagSafe Accessories

Luckily accessory makers are coming up with great accessories that we can use with MagSafe, here are some of them.

MagSafe Wallet

Similar to Apple’s, available in various colors and at a price of only 2.27 euros. A cool accessory available on AliExpress.

MagSafe Wallet | 2.27 euros

Cheap MagSafe Wallet
MagSafe Wallet

MagSafe support

East bracket is great for placing your own MagSafe charger, it is ideal for an office or a nightstand and allows us to rotate the iPhone to put it in different positions.

MagSafe Support | 10.91 euros

magsafe bracket
MagSafe charger holder

MagSafe external battery

Another ideal accessory for MagSafe, an external battery that is attached by magnets to the iPhone and charges it wirelessly. Has a 5000mah capacity and only cost 13.95 euros.

MagSafe Battery | 13.95 euros

MagSafe Battery
MagSafe Power Bank for iPhone 12

Hopefully you liked these cool MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12. They offer us a lot thanks to Apple’s new idea: a ring of magnets.

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