In the face of the threat of the COVID-19 virus, commonly known as Coronavirus and which has been declared by the World Health Organization as a Pandemic on a global scale, the competition program Exatlon United States He decided to temporarily postpone his production taking into account the health of his athletes, presenters, work team and other personnel. That is why all the participants of both teams, including one of the favorites of the competition, Fernando Lozada, They returned home for an indefinite time.

Fernando Lozada He is an Influencer Fitness, who is also an entrepreneur and model, with undeniable friendliness and charisma, who has won over the entire audience of the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet” with his sports skills and good attitude.

Who is Fernando Lozada?

Mexican of 30 years. Known for his participation in Reality Show Acapulco Shore, It has been one of the additions that have attracted the most attention in this new season. In his childhood he was an active child and practiced all kinds of sports, from soccer to artistic gymnastics. Fernando expects a son with his wife, Triana Leon, a certified Health Coach.

He currently has 2.3 million followers on his Instagram profile, where he remains very active sharing photos of his personal life, special moments and his exercise routines. Fernando has managed to combine his different passions, he is a businessman and a fitness model who declares himself a lover of exercise and is also a competitor in bodybuilding in Mexico. He has also been on television, Internet forums, social networks, magazine covers and other publications dedicated to the fitness world.

He had an outstanding participation in the program “Acapulco Shore” of the MTV network for two seasons.

On his return from Exatlon United States Fernando Lozada talked to us about his time in “The Fiercest Competition on the Planet” And what you told us you can see by clicking here.

The best moments of Fernando Lozada in Exatlon USA

During his time in the competition, LozadaAs his teammates call him, he has managed to earn the respect of his teammates because, although he is not a high-impact athlete like the rest of the competitors, his strength and intelligence, together with the sympathy that characterizes him, have made him succeed at a pace firm on every circuit. So the Instagram profile of Exatlon United States, decided to relive his best moments. Don’t miss them here: