The best new apps for iPhone in July 2020

We are almost in the middle of July and, as always, dozens of new applications arrive each week at the App Store. We select the best ones week by week and bring them to you every weekend so that you can download them. A quality recommendation only with the best of the best that comes to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Every weekend we will update this article with the news that arrives during the last 7 days so that you can find the best games and applications for iPhone and iPad that have reached the Apple Store. Applications and games are the heart of an iPhone or iPad, and these are the best that have come.

New games from the last week on the App Store

Jigsaw Puzzle Games HD

This puzzle game contains a large collection of Beautiful and free HD images with 5 different levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate, difficult, pro and epic. The difficulty of the game depends on the number of pieces of each puzzle, which It can be enjoyed by the whole family, adults included. Put the pieces together and have fun every day, relax your mind solving puzzles by putting all the pieces of each puzzle together.

One Finger Death Punch II

Attention, please, you are surrounded. Take any available weapon nearby and use Kung fu to defeat all enemies. Becoming the most amazing Kung fu master, lightning fast.

Battle Legion – Epic Idle Game

Massive battles of 100 against 100: build an army and watch him fight. Lots of looks and endless fun. Step into the shoes of an aspiring commander and climb the ladder through unforgettable victories in the company of your legion.

What the Fight

One of those fun and addicting games, swipe to move and take all objects to hit all opponents and win the fight.

Money Maker 3D – Print Cash

Who wants to be a millionaire? We believe a cash printing empire. All you have to do is unlock mechanisms such as color grading, printing, holographic stripe foiling, cutting, grading, shredding fake ones and grouping your backgrounds in the safe.

New apps from the last week on the App Store

Invisible: Invisibility Cloak

With our new and improved algorithm, Invisible: Invisibility Cloak has broken the fourth wall and allows you to see through objects. The application has great performance and clarity due to machine learning. Share your photos and videos with your friends on social networks. Make creative videos using the app to show your friends these awesome visuals.

FotoArt: Cartoon & Hairstyle

A Photo editor all in one with everything you could want to do on your phone. FotoArt offers everything you want when editing images. A host of stylish effects, filters, and drawing tools help you create a point of attraction.

New games from the first week of July on the App Store

One wheel

Prize winner at Buildbox Game Jam. Give yourself a tour of the great bridge in the sky. Dive into the beautiful world above the clouds- The bridge has several surprises that will test your unicycle riding skills. Choose your player from a multitude of characters, from girls and boys to witches and zombies. Enjoy a game without violence, in which losing is as satisfying as winning.

Shadow Knight

Harmonia used to be a brilliant world of all races, where humans, orcs, spirits, dwarves, beastmen, and elves live in peace together. One day, when deep desires arose, the dark forces ascended from hell, invading the world, that tragedy struck all the citizens of Harmonia and caused everything to sink into the depths of despair. Play the role of Noah: a shadow knight, you must go through the gate of hell, fight against evil enemies, defeat the immortals of darkness and return the light to Harmonia. You will meet Ashley and Lucius, your companions on the journey to save Harmonia!

Crazy Portal

Equip your portal weapon, take advantage of the magic mechanism of portal and teleportation and defeat your enemies. They will never know how you got it.

Idle Success

You start out as an obese, weak, jobless guy. Exercise hard to lose weight, study and work hard to get a job and then advance in a career. Make friends and spend time with your friends. Earn money and build your own house. Become the best version of yourself.

New applications for the first week of July on the App Store

SLEEP by Max Richter

SLEEP is the dedication of renowned composer Max Richter to our daily sleep ritual. Composed in consultation with sleep experts, SLEEP is a musical tour de force that has enraptured the global audience.

iPrint – Smart Printer Scanner

iPrint Smart allows you to easily print your photos and documents. It is an all-in-one printer application compatible with iPhone AND iPad. This application allows you to print all kinds of files in a very easy way. Is a all-in-one printer and scanner application for your AirPrint printer.

CLIMATE CAST 24 – forecast

All the weather information you need, packaged in a beautifully designed, smart, small, simple and free application. With weather forecasts of up to 15 days with weather stations around the world.