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The year 2021 begins and does loaded with new games and apps for iPhone and iPad. Apps are the heart of our devices as they allow us to improve them just by downloading them. However, among the hundreds of apps that arrive each week on the App Store, it is not easy to choose.

best apps monthThe best apps and games of the month on the App Store

For that reason, we take a tour of the Apple application store in search of the best apps and the best games they have arrived. And we organize it week by week so you can install only the best.

The best new games of the week

Water Connect – Trees Puzzle

Save the trees and rebuild the garden with this fun puzzle game. All you have to do is connect the pipes, moving and rotating the squares, to supply water to all the trees.

Stella Arcana- Eternal Stars

Eons ago, Baldur, the God of Light, created the Realm of Light, a blessed land upon which stars shone. Envious of this creation, Chaos, the God of Darkness, brought war to this sacred land. To defend against the incoming invasion, Baldur, the God of Light, sacrificed himself and sealed off the forces of darkness. After Baldur’s sacrifice, he transformed into 12 constellations to protect all beings. As the darkness threatens to strike back, now you must help the Kingdom of Light regain its faith, restore the power of the 12 constellations and generate another Star Age

Mad cars

Drive a lot of cars on a road without rules and try not to crash them, at least not all. Fill the road with your treasure of cars and complete the fun levels. You will be avoiding rocks, pipes, holes in the road, trucks and many more, which will blow up and explode pieces of your pile of cars.

The best new apps of the week

Pink Papaya | Photo + Video

An app with filters for your photos and videos. The app has dozens of FREE features to use without a watermark. For even more features, sign up for Papaya +, which includes unlimited access to all editing tools.

Anime Color: paint by number

Anime Paint by Number is a brain training game where you paint with numbers. Paint by numbers use your imagination to make the picture more beautiful and rich in personality. Escape the arrivals and sharpen your mind with this fun new puzzle game. You can save and share with your friends.

Horucco – Music Composition

A app for musicians, composers and producers of all levels. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand music theory at first. This app will help you get familiar with scales, modes and progressions!

If you liked the apps and games that arrived in January 2021, you might want to review those that arrived last month, there are real wonders.

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