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On January 20, 1946, filmmaker David Lynch was born. This American film director, actor, electronic music producer and screenwriter stands out for his various films and series that have broken with many conventions. Let’s see the David Lynch quotes on the day of his birth January 20.

Among his films we can highlight his first feature film, Eraserhead (1977), Dune (1984), Blue Velvet (1986), the Twin Peaks series, or the films Wild Heart and Fire Walk with Me, between the years (1987 – 1996).

Every thing in the world made by someone started with an idea.

All my films are about strange worlds, worlds that you could never go to unless you build them and reproduce them in a movie. That’s what really matters to me about movies: going to increasingly strange worlds ”.

Ideas dictate everything, you have to be true to that, or you’re dead.

I kept delivering the Wall Street Journal and doing odd jobs. I love plumbing and carpentry.

One must surrender to your intuition: we know more than we think.

I am interested in knowing what is hidden behind the clean facades, behind the curtains of the houses, exploring the tortuous recesses of existence. I am like a detective who uncovers what others are hiding. And it is that this world today is not as wonderful a place as they say. It is not the brightest dream.

The truly important dreams are the ones you have when you are awake.

Many artists think they want anger. But real, strong and incisive anger occupies the mind, leaving no room for creativity.

I am not a pioneer of anything. Things are not done to be the first, but because you love doing them, because you fall in love with the project.

That’s what really matters to me about movies: going to increasingly strange worlds.

The stories contain conflict and contrast, ups and downs, life and death and human struggle and all sorts of things.

Life should be wonderful, and wonderful does not mean just a little happiness. It’s huge. It is deep. David Lynch quotes

I don’t believe in politicians. They are a joke. In the end, they create more problems than they solve.

There are people who like movies that are understood and there are people who like movies that leave room for the viewer to dream. I like those that allow you to dream. Intellectual understanding is of no more importance than the ability to dive into each scene separately. I love to fall in love with an idea and to see how it is transformed into cinema, what the filming process is doing with that idea.

Each character is made of many little subtleties, strange options, special ways of saying a word.

You have to be willing to let yourself be carried away by the abstract world. You have to want to lose yourself in it. If not, you will have the feeling of frustration.

The most beautiful thing that can happen to you is when you catch an idea that you love. The ideas are there, you just have to catch them.

If you stay true to your ideas, making movies becomes a kind of honest from the inside out.

I believe in creative control. No matter what someone does, they should have control over it.

The only valid way is to create, is to find an idea, fall in love with it and become fully involved in its realization. That produces a real arousal.

Transcendental meditation brings us more and more happiness, a happiness that comes from deep within. But as a result of the growing inner happiness, the outside also seems happier. If we think about the United States and the many absurdities that this country produces, we could get very sad, because many of these absurdities cause a lot of suffering. If they didn’t cause so much pain, we might even see them as funny. And then politicians would be the best comedians in the world.

The potential of the human being is infinite consciousness. Nothing is being done to improve the human being. Its potential is supreme enlightenment.

All my films are about strange worlds, worlds that you could never go to unless you build them and reproduce them in a movie. David Lynch quotes

Being in the midst of darkness and confusion is very interesting to me. Because when you leave there you can see things as they really are. It would be great to be able to get to this point. I think it is a very, very long road. Meanwhile, there is only suffering, darkness, confusion, absurdities, and people who go in circles. It’s fantastic. It’s like a strange carnival: very funny, but very painful.

Mystery is what I love the most, it is the magnetism of life, and it is wonderful to know that of most things we know absolutely nothing.

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