The best series and movies of 2020 by PANTAYA


2020 is about to end and Pantaya presented you series and films that undoubtedly became the likes of the public in the United States. From acclaimed films, such as series with great actors from Latin America, Pantaya continues to offer you premium content, perfect to enjoy with the family.

Before saying “Goodbye” By 2020, we present a selection of twelve series and films that gave a lot to talk about, without a doubt, they will fill your home with laughter and pleasant moments this holiday season.

  1. Cindy “La Regia”

When Cindy, the strawberry girl from San Pedro, Monterrey (which is not an understatement), tells her boyfriend “great game” that she doesn’t want to marry him, she runs off to Mexico City, where new friendships and unexpected paths give her they teach that there is much more to her life’s possibilities and her talents than she herself imagines.

Cindy La Regia – Teaser TrailerShe is not from the province, she is from Monterrey. Don’t miss Cassandra Sánchez Navarro in Cindy la regia, the movie very soon.2019-05-10T00: 03: 47Z

  1. Ana

Ana is an unreservedly inspiring comedy series, breaking down taboos and outdated concepts about the role of women in society. Hilarious and honest, Ana takes us unapologetically on a journey of love, career, sex, marijuana, self-discovery, and the pressure to meet everyone’s expectations of her. Throughout each episode, Ana explores what she had never dared to be: LesbiAna, MarihuAna, AnciAna, MarrAna, HermAna, AmericAna, HumAna, BanAna, VeterAna and VeracruzAna. Everything, told through a voice that breaks schemes: the voice of Ana.

Ana La Serie – Official Trailer | PantayaAna (Ana de la reguera “Narcos,” “Goliath”) attends the screen test of a movie that could be her big break in Hollywood. La Nena thinks she got the part, and is getting ready to celebrate. ************************************************** ************************************ Pantaya is a service with the best movies in Spanish. Hundreds of movies, from the newest and blockbuster to …2020-04-03T16: 30: 03Z

  1. Heirs by Accident

“Heirs by Accident” is a series that revolves around two families, one Mexican and the other Spanish, who are forced to live under the same roof, generating great entanglements between them, both have something in common: Lupe (Maite Perroni), a young Mexican woman, pregnant with the heir to a great fortune. The wide and recognized group of actors that make up “Herederos por Accidente” is made up of Mexican and Spanish talent with names such as: Maite Perroni, Norma Angélica, Consuelo Duval, Agustín Arana, Camila Valero, Michel Duval, Luis Miguel Seguí, Álvaro Fontalba , Mara López, Jorge Caballero, Estefania de los Santos and Manu Vega.

Heirs By Accident – Official Trailer | PantayaStream when and where you want. Free for 7 days. Start your free trial: From Pantaya: Pantaya is a streaming service with the largest variety of movies and series with your favorite stars, all in Spanish. Follow us on our social networks FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: 32: 02Z

  1. R

R, authored by Joaquín Bonet and Martín Bertilotti, stars Mauricio Ochmann, who plays Francisco “Franco” Barrón, a man with a mediocre life whose reality is altered in the face of an imminent death diagnosis assigned to him by mistake. From this unexpected news, Franco transforms his life into a whirlpool of tangled situations, madness and excesses. The series has 10 chapters in total.

R – Official Trailer | Pantaya“R” is a comedy full of black humor and action starring Mauricio Ochmann who plays Francisco Barrón, an ordinary man who has led a gray and worldly life; working tirelessly for an abusive boss, tormented by his relentless wife and pressured by two spoiled children until he receives the news that he has …2020-05-07T23: 00: 10Z

  1. My best friend’s Wedding

This movie is for all romantics! When Manuel (Carlos Ferro), Julia’s old friend (Ana Serradilla) reveals that he is engaged, she realizes that she has always been in love with him. Julia sets out to make him fall in love with the help of her best friend (Miguel Ángel Silvestre), just a few days before the wedding. This comedy is an adaptation of the 1997 American film “My Best Friend’s Wedding” with Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.

VideoVideo related to the best series and movies released in 2020 by pantaya2020-12-10T09: 51: 24-05: 00

  1. What lions

“Que Leones” is the story of the life of a couple in New York that turns into a whirlwind when Nicole suspects that José is cheating on her while receiving the surprise that his father is going to marry a woman much younger than him .


  1. The Pills from my boyfriend

Jaime Camil and Sandra Echeverría are the protagonists of the new and funny comedy. Jess (Sandra Echeverría) is a talented and powerful marketing executive who falls in love with Hank (Jaime Camil), a charming hunk who owns a mattress store. Hank’s charm, seductive smile, and good looks convince Jess that he is the “man of her dreams,” but what he hasn’t told her is that he suffers from multiple disorders for which he takes an infinite variety of pills. She will find herself between a rock and a hard place and decide whether to listen to her heart … or to her crazy head of love!

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  1. De Brutas, Nothing

De Brutas, Nada is a series that shows us the sophisticated life of 6 friends in CDMX and their imaginable and endearing experiences as besties. Love and heartbreak, lies, marriage and divorce, children, careers and also the difficulty of an unemployed life, but more than anything … it shows us a great unbreakable friendship. This modern and refreshing series will make you relate to either the heartbroken … or the unshakable. Is seriously!

VideoVideo related to the best series and movies released in 2020 by pantaya2020-12-10T09: 51: 24-05: 00

  1. Chicuarotes

Gael García Bernal’s new film as director follows Cagalera and Moloteco, two teenagers from San Gregorio Atlapulco desperately seeking to get away from the oppressive circumstances in which they live. When they learn of the opportunity to buy a place in the electricians union, which could transform their lives, they venture into the dark criminal world of Mexico City, in an attempt to buy their freedom.

VideoVideo related to the best series and movies released in 2020 by pantaya2020-12-10T09: 51: 24-05: 00

  1. Chattering

Mexican comedian Omar Chaparro will take us on the most important and personal tour of his life, but this time, accompanied by his son Emiliano, his faithful motorcycle and a backpack full of memories. Chaparreando takes us on an epic adventure where we will meet colorful characters and travel through beautiful landscapes in the beautiful state of Chihuahua, Mexico – the place where Omar was born. But this becomes more than a motorcycle ride, this will be a great trip where we will know the roots of one of the most beloved Spanish-speaking comedians, we will enter the father and son relationship where they will find themselves, without hyphens and reservations.

VideoVideo related to the best series and movies released in 2020 by pantaya2020-12-10T09: 51: 24-05: 00

  1. The Boat – Season 1 and 2

The fiction narrates the adventures and misadventures of the crew of the Polar Star, a training ship victim of a mysterious storm caused by the launch of a particle accelerator. Shortly after the monsoon, the ship’s crew discover that the land as they know it has disappeared, that 99% of the surface is water, and that being on that ship is their only way to stay alive. After several days aboard the Estrella Polar without receiving instructions and after failing to reach the first planned stop in the Canary Islands, the crew realizes that all communications with the mainland have disappeared and that, in what appears to have been a kind of universal flood, planet Earth has been flooded leaving the only survivors the protagonists who travel on the ship, their only option is to continue on the ship to survive.

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  1. Let’s celebrate: Eternal Christmas

Pantaya, a joint venture of Lionsgate and Hemisphere Media Group, today announced the premiere of the original Christmas special program “Celebremos: Eterna Navidad” hosted by international superstar and multiple Grammy® Award winner Juanes and his beloved wife, Karen Martinez. The star-studded music and comedy event will feature top global Latin stars and will premiere on the premium streaming service in Spanish on December 4. The special is produced by Pantaya, Elefantec Global, Plataforma and Universal Music Group.

VideoVideo related to the best series and movies released in 2020 by pantaya2020-12-10T09: 51: 24-05: 00

For 2021 much more is coming

2021 will be loaded with great series in Pantaya, which were recently announced. As they are, the second season from “Traveling with the Derbez“And the provocative series with a stellar cast”The Game of Keys”.

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