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The Venezuelan opposition begins its consultation with more mystique than security

Caracas, Dec 7 (EFE) .- The popular consultation organized by the Venezuelan opposition led by Juan Guaidó, in which the rejection of the legislative elections held on Sunday is proposed, began this Monday online, amid doubts about the security that offers to participate in it through virtual channels without guarantees. As soon as Sunday ended and began Monday, the web page that promotes the consultation reset a countdown in what should be the beginning of a vote that will last until next Saturday, December 12, the only date in the that you can participate in person. However, the website showed an error that was solved shortly after. In addition, the two main voting systems were activated, also at midnight: Telegram and an application called Voatz, through which those interested must send their identity card scanned or photographed. GUAIDÓ REPORTS “INCREDIBLE PARTICIPATION” Guaidó appeared on Monday to promote the consultation and criticize the results of the legislative elections, in which, in the absence of the end of the count, the ruling coalition Gran Polo Patriótico obtained 68.43% of the votes. The opponent, who will be a deputy and president of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) until next January 5 the legislators elected yesterday take office, assured that there is an “incredible participation” in the consultation. “At this time there is an incredible participation through the remote mechanisms that have been arranged for the consultation, much higher than we expected, by the way,” he said. On the other hand, he stressed his “absolute confidence” that citizens “are going to participate” and are going to “mobilize” with this consultation in rejection of an election that the opposition group he leads has described as “fraud.” COME TO A “PERSUADED” PEOPLE TO PARTICIPATE For his part, the national coordinator of the popular consultation, Enrique Colmenares Finol, told Efe that the promoters are convinced that “the Venezuelan people are already fully persuaded” to participate. “Of what we are sure, and we are already seeing it, is (of) a great participation in the consultation. Now that we are going to exceed all those numbers, we are sure of it,” said Finol. The coordinator of the consultation said that as of Tuesday they will begin to give “official figures of how many people” participate “by virtual means.” “And of course, every day we will be informing them about it, but yes, we will give exact and clear figures,” he added. The first question of the consultation in which citizens are asked if they reject the elections in which Chavismo, which has governed since 1999, took control of Parliament. Likewise, it questions them if they demand “the cessation of the usurpation of the Presidency by Nicolás Maduro and call for the holding of free, fair and verifiable presidential and parliamentary elections.” Finally, the third point asks the Venezuelans if they “order” to take the necessary steps before the international community to activate cooperation, support and assistance that allow them to rescue “democracy,” address the humanitarian crisis and protect the people from crimes of It hurts humanity”. Citizens will be able to answer with a “yes” or a “no”. A VIRTUAL VOTE To vote in both Voatz and Telegram, Venezuelans who want to do so will have to scan or take a photo of their ID or passport and send it through it. In the case of Voatz, the system verifies the process “to prevent massive participation through robots” and verifies that only one person participates, only once, “according to the organizers’ explanations. However, they have not detailed, So far, what cybersecurity measures will be taken to prevent that personal data disseminated through the application have guaranteed protection. Nor have they detailed whether Voatz has improved its system since they tried to hack it in 2018, according to various media reports at the time, Therefore, it is protected when sending personal data such as a scanned ID. In any case, according to the images disseminated by the organizers, it is now possible to vote through these applications and in which, after entering the data of each citizen, the vote is registered in them. The voting will conclude next Saturday, when some 7,000 voting tables will be installed in “more than 3,000 points of expression of will” . The organizers hope that on that day citizens will meet at those voting points, not only those who are going to cast their vote, but also those who have responded to the questions virtually as a “political act” of protest. (c) EFE Agency

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