the big N wins lawsuit against the drift of the Switch Joy-Con

After several claims, complaints and even a major lawsuit, justice has agreed with Nintendo about the drift of the Joy-Con controls of the Nintendo Switch console.

As players well know, drifting or drifting is an error that occurs in some video game console controls due to time of use or wear, which makes the character of a game move without the gamer touching the controller, that is, that the movement of a stick goes anywhere without even touching it.

This problem caused that, in November 2020, a group of parents and children filed a class action lawsuit against the Japanese company for the drift of the controls. A month later, Nintendo asked that the case be dismissed, since the final license agreement for Nintendo Switch does not contemplate the use of the consoles and products by minors.

As a report published on the website of Hobby ConsolesThis is a way to guard your back against possible misuse by a child or adolescent.

The case went to arbitration and Nintendo won

This case was submitted to arbitration and Nintendo was defeated in this lawsuit, one of the most important in the history of the video game industry.

The ruling states: “Minors cannot claim legitimacy based on the fact that they received the consoles from their parents. It is understood that they have no right to claim, as there is no final license agreement with Nintendo.

Words more, words less, although the consoles were for children. Nintendo maintained that there is no legal relationship with them but with their parents or with those who bought the devices. In addition, it is the parents who configure the Switch, so there is an adult use.