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The blue dollar fell this Friday a peso to be at $ 157 for the purchase and $ 161 for the sale, after having added $ 2 yesterday. The parallel thus continues to seek an equilibrium price, after having lost $ 6 between the sessions of Monday and Tuesday. In this way, it is still around $ 11 above the levels it exhibited before the end of the year holidays.

On the other hand, the behavior of financial prices has been more uniform. The MEP dollar and cash with settlement (CCL) this year began an upward path that, according to analysts, will continue to consolidate as the seasonal demand for pesos disarms during the months of January and February.

The first of them rose 1% yesterday and the CCL, 0.5%. In this way, they accumulated respective increases of 4% and 3.5% in the year. This Friday, meanwhile, the MEP dollar climbed to $ 146.07 and the CCL another 0.8% to reach $ 146.52.

Beyond the evolution of the blue dollar and financial prices, the market continues to closely follow the interventions of the Central Bank (BCRA) in the foreign exchange market. The entity chaired by Miguel Pesce maintains its intention to add reserves, and so far in January it has a positive balance of US $ 15 million. It should be remembered, on this point, that the entity closed December with a positive balance of US $ 608 million, which allowed it to cut five consecutive months of red balance.

The wholesale dollar, for its part, it was located this Friday at levels of $ 85.12 per unit, twelve cents higher yesterday’s close. In this way, accumulates an increase of $ 0.97 in the week. This is the steepest weekly rise since late October.

« In another day of low business volume, the US currency reached new all-time highs thanks to official regulation, » said operator Gustavo Quintana.

The official intervention ended with a neutral balance. « Official interventions altered sales and purchases, with the aim of solving temporary imbalances between genuine supply and demand, » Quintana added.

After climbing 50 cents on the first two wheels of the week, and adding another 25 cents yesterday, the official dollar remained stable this Friday at $ 90.00 for sale on the screens of Banco Nación. Finally, the average between banks carried out by the BCRA is $ 90.77.

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