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The Buenos Aires government will hold a meeting tomorrow with the teacher unions to discuss the eventual return to face-to-face classes scheduled for February 17, But in the union sector they warn that « there are conditions that are not being met » to meet that goal in the face of the increase in cases of coronavirus.

The City maintains the scheme of returning to face-to-face classes on February 17, as ratified last week by the Buenos Aires Deputy Head of Government, Diego Santilli, who pointed out that this is the priority in the context of the pandemic after almost a year without presence in the classrooms.

For his part, the assistant secretary of Ademys, Jorge Adaro, indicated in dialogue with NA that « there is an exponential increase (of Covid-19 cases) that lead to a situation very similar to that of 2020 «  and considered that for this reason « it is hasty to hold the start of the school year for February 17 ».

The union leader pointed out that these will be some of the issues that will lead to the meeting but said that « it is almost capricious for the Buenos Aires government to keep a date », while warning that « there is a vaccination plan that is very difficult to carry out before February 17. « 

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