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The Calvin Klein set with which Kylie Jenner paralyzed the internet | INSTAGRAM

Although, Kylie Jenner is recognized worldwide because she knows how to pose like no one else, whatever outfit she decides to wear, this time she was no exception, as expected of the younger sister Kardashian clan – Jenner.

It is not a secret that the young woman loves to call attention whenever the opportunity presents itself, so she does anything to become an internet trend almost immediately.

Also, thanks to his fabulous photos that he shares from his official profile on Instagram, we can see how it has become the example to follow for millions of users in this renowned social network, because so far there has not been a single photo of Kylie Jenner that users did not want to recreate.

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Although it is also necessary to emphasize that modeling for photographs of social networks is not as simple a job as it seems, since you need to practice for hours to know your best angles and thus take the best images, to satisfy the public, who is each ever more demanding.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the aforementioned snapshot, in which we can see the fabulous figure of Kylie Jenner, modeling very vain in front of the mirror, wearing only a set of underwear, under the renowned brand Calvin klein, and a white denim jacket.

The successful businesswoman posed in a piece of entertainment proud of her impressive physique, holding her mobile phone with one hand, and staring to the side, this image is from a couple of years ago, when the model still had her hair dyed with black.


With her completely exposed silhouette, we can appreciate her wearing one of the most comfortable outfits under the CK signature, with her high-waisted pantyhose, which reaches just below her navel, and her matching sports top, both garments in an intense black color.

This set highlights to the maximum the enormous physical attributes of the model, such as her front charms, which look quite comfortable inside that top, thanks to the neckline and the material with which this piece is made.

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Being high-waisted, the mini waist that the socialite possesses is framed, as well as, thanks to this effect, her blunt and pronounced hips look wholesale, making her millions of followers fall in love once again.

For the image, Kylie chose to use a black background, to create a monochromatic atmosphere, but she was very smart when she decided to place a ring of light on her side, to give her the exact lighting with which she could model this beautiful set and highlight your curvy figure.

Clearly, the choice of the white denim jacket was made in order to give it that spectacular contrast that its most ardent admirers like so much, which is also why, its own followers are inspired by these images to make their own version and try to reach the success of the youngest of the Jenners.

Such was the impact of the image, thanks to each and every detail with which it was created, that it quickly reached more than 6 million likes within the favorite application of many great celebrities.

The comments praising the beauty of Stormi’s mother did not wait either, and in a matter of hours she gathered around thousands of them, where they comment that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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