The change of channel, in secret, of Terelu Campos that caused that nobody was expected to participate in ‘Mask Singer’

No one was aware of his presence in Mask Singer: Guess Who Sings, because all the contestants wear it with absolute secrecy. But in the case of Terelu Campos it is even more surprising, since it is a face closely linked to the Mediaset world that, suddenly, has temporarily left Telecinco to appear on Antena 3.

This detail made all the spectators remain with their mouths open, because although she appeared in a pool and Vanesa Martín opted for her, no one was entirely convinced that this chain change could happen.

However, the truth is that Terelu does not have an exclusive contract with Mediaset, but is a collaborator of Live life every weekend on Telecinco. But it already showed that both she and her family have freedom to choose your projects.

In fact, at the end of November 2019, Terelu and María Teresa Campos attended Arusitys Prime, the canceled program of Alfonso Arús on the nights of Antena 3. In addition, the veteran journalist and Carmen Borrego have had cameos in Poison, the Javis series for Atresplayer Premium.

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But outside of Antena 3, and far from Mediaset, known are the family participation in Toñi Moreno’s program on Canal Sur; or the character of Bárbara Valiente that Terelu Campos played in the third season of Paquita Salas, on Netflix. This character, precisely, was discussed in Mask SingerThe Javis are judges of the show and neither recognized her nor saw the references to her character.

Definitely, Mask Singer: Guess Who Sings He has broken all the schemes and the roster of celebrities that can be thought of is wide. And this is what has been shown by faces like Georgina Rodríguez, but also Terelu, since her multiple appearances have made it clear that the Campos are not as disconnected from Atresmedia as it seems.

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