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New car registrations closed 2020 in Brazil with a total of 1,615,620 units sold. This figure, compared with that obtained in the previous year, translates into a large drop of 28.57%. The Chevrolet Onix has been the best-selling car in Brazilian dealerships.

The Brazilian car market has closed a really difficult year. The coronavirus pandemic, coupled with increasing economic uncertainty, has made a big dent in the commercial activity of dealers throughout this South American country. In the month of December 2020 the car sales in Brazil they reached the 194,679 units, a figure that, compared to that obtained in the same period last year, represents a 9.52% decline.

In general terms, 2020 has been a bad year. And it is that, in the period between the months of January and December, new car registrations in Brazilian territory have accounted for a total of 1,615,620 units, which is a 28.57% decrease.

Video test of the Volkswagen T-Cross, the best-selling SUV in Brazil in 2020

Chevrolet Onix, the best-selling car in Brazil in 2020

Once 2020 is over, you can look back and analyze the ranking of the best-selling cars in Brazil in that year. The victory has been for the Chevrolet Onix. It has been the first option among Brazilian drivers when buying a car. The truth is that, for months, it was “sung” that the Chevrolet model would rise with the aforementioned title since the advantage over its most direct competitor was impressive. In addition, in December it also took first place.

He second place has been for the Hyundai HB20 and, closing the podium, in third place is the Chevrolet Onix Plus. One of the surprises of the year has been the Volkswagen T-Cross, which has taken a meritorious seventh position and is consolidated as the best-selling SUV in Brazil. It is one of the best small SUVs in Europe and, on the other side of the ‘big pond’, it also reaps extraordinary sales figures. A short distance away is the Jeep Renegade (7th). Other models that have performed well and deserve to be highlighted are the FIAT Argo (6th) and the Renault Kwid (10th).

And what have been the most popular car brands? The first place went to the aforementioned Chevrolet. In second and third position are FIAT and Volkswagen respectively. These three firms, behind which are General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the Volkswagen Group, clearly dominate the Brazilian market.

FIAT ArgoFollowing its recent overhaul, sales of the FIAT Argo have seen a major boost

Sales by model

The best-selling cars in Brazil are:

RankingModelSales Dec’20Sales 2020 (Jan-Dec) Ranking 2020 (Jan-Dec) 1Chevrolet Onix16.566135.35112Chevrolet Onix Plus12.91983.39233Hyundai HB2010.43386.54824FIAT Argo8.41265.93765Ford Ka8.06667.49156Vol14.8 Cross Volkswagen7.8e788ep6571Volga Cross7.87.8658EVolga Cross7.8657.8658 T RevolgaG7514 T78865 T Rex7.8658 T Revol14 T78865Volga Cross78865 Re-1514 Gol7.86667.49156Vol14 T5112Chevrolet Onix16.566135.35112Chevrolet Onix16.566135.35112Chevrolet Onix16.566135.35112 .43360.11979Jeep Compass6.96952.966910Chevrolet Tracker6.74949.3721111Hyundai Creta6.63847.7571212Renault Kwid6.00349.4751013FIAT Mobi5.52346.6171314Toyota Corolla5.04741.0721515Volkswagen Voyage4.25724.1142116Volkswagen Nivus4.12916.2782917Volkswagen Polo3.71641.8361418Honda HR-V3.69132.5111719Ford EcoSport3.24124.0312220Hyundai HB20S3 .18623.9842321Nissan Kicks3.13736.4331622Renault Duster3.11019.4762823FIAT Uno3.00522.7372424Volkswagen Virtus2.87630.8801825Honda Civic2.86920.44726

Sales by brand

The registrations achieved by manufacturers in Brazil are:

RankingBrandSales Dec’20Sales 2020 (Jan-Dec) Ranking 2020 (Jan-Dec) 1Chevrolet38.645305.23912Volkswagen33.457286.09223Hyundai20.840163.29144FIAT20.311165.85535Jeep14.851110.15976Ford14.026119.405.23912Volkswagen33.457286. 17920.0891112Peugeot1.64910.2781413BMW1.47812.4291214Volvo9247.7011615Mitsubishi8207.8371516Audi7086.9531717Mercedes6996.8251818Citroën68811.6041319KIA3393.5212020Land Rover60921uzuki2222222

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