The Church demanded from the deputies “a second of reflection before voting” on abortion

The president of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, Oscar Ojea, warned today that abortion « is discarded » and asked legislators « a second of reflection before voting » the legalization of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

« We ask legislators before voting for a second of reflection, in front of what it means to respect life and so many people who are going to be deprived of light and who can enrich our world and fill us with hope« said the bishop of San Isidro.

Through a video, the monsignor added: « Let us use this silence by truly asking the Lord for light for all those who have responsibility at this time. » « Pope Francis has spoken to us repeatedly about the culture of disposal, » recalled Ojea, who he warned about the « total lack of protection » of the unborn child.

And I add: « A society is defined by the look it has towards the most vulnerable, the poorest and the most defenseless. This is what characterizes and seals the dignity of a people and a culture. « 

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Otherwise, they will not support the project that the governors encourage. As it is an initiative that modifies the electoral regime, the ruling party must garner at least a dozen extra votes and there are already several referents of the main opposition group, Together for Change, who expressed their rejection of the measure.


The president of the Episcopal Conference also quoted Saint Paul VI and stated that « when there are great problems and conflicts in an unwanted pregnancy, it is not about blinding the sources of life, but about expanding the place at the table of those who they are called to life. « 

A plenary of commissions of the Chamber of Deputies will sign this afternoon an opinion based on the abortion legalization project sent by the Executive Branch and the vote is expected to take place on Friday, which could be affirmative.

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