The clamor grows for Trump’s resignation in the face of the president’s silence – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The political tension continues after the assault on Congress, with increasing calls for the resignation of President Donald Trump and the possible start of a new political trial against him less than two weeks after his term officially ends.

The Democratic opposition was joined by several Republicans, outraged by Trump’s behavior for haranguing his followers to march towards Congress after a political event in which he repeated his complaints, dismissed by the courts, of electoral fraud.

In the chaotic and violent day five people died, including a Capitol police officer.

“I do believe that the president committed offenses worthy of impeachment (…) His behavior this week disqualifies him from continuing” as president, Republican Senator Pat Toomey said in an interview on the conservative Fox channel.

In the same vein, the Republican Senator Ben Sasse also expressed himself, who said that if a process is opened, he will obviously consider the articles that are presented against him.

“I believe that the president has ignored his oath of office (…) to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. He acted against him, ”Sasse pointed out.


There are two options under consideration amid the amazement and amazement after the unprecedented assault on Congress last Wednesday.

On the one hand, the disqualification of Trump through an amendment to the Constitution due to his inability to govern, something that Vice President Mike Pence should lead and that should have the support of half the presidential cabinet, and that seems unlikely.

The other, more plausible, is that the Democrats with a majority in the House of Representatives bring a charge of “incitement to insurrection” against the president of the United States to open a new impeachment against Trump, and that would make him the only one agent prosecuted twice.

By now, more than 190 of the 222 Democrats have backed a resolution by Congressman Ted Lieu to bring the impeachment charge against Trump.

Subsequently, he should be subjected to the trial itself in the Senate, although it is in recess and does not plan to resume activity until January 19, a day before the inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden as president.


However, several Democratic heavyweights in the House have raised the possibility of filing the charges against Trump, but not sending them to the Senate until the first 100 days of Biden’s arrival in the White House have passed so as not to condition the beginning of his mandate.

Democratic Rep. James Clyburn noted on CNN that the House could vote on impeachment charges “this week,” but Biden would be given “the 100 days he needs to get his agenda in motion, and we may send the articles at some point. After that”.


Meanwhile, the silence of Trump continues, whose Twitter and Facebook accounts were suspended this Friday for “risk of inciting violence.”

Two days after temporarily suspending Trump’s account, the social network definitively deprived him of that tool on Friday, with which the outgoing president has issued more than 55,000 messages for more than eleven years and which had 89 million followers.

The US media have reported that his first public act will take place on Tuesday when the still president travels to Texas to visit the construction of the border wall with Mexico, the symbol of his tough hand in immigration control.

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