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Back in 2014, when Twitch was still being talked about as a phenomenon rather than an established entertainment platform, an anonymous Australian programmer created Twitch Plays Pokémon: viewers cooperated and competed to advance the game of Red Edition Pokémon that was being broadcast by sending commands via chat. Seven years later, Constantin Litard, a 3D programmer at Gameloft Montreal, has given that feat a twist by creating a script for twitter.

The program you have created allows users of the social network to play the same title, but not through a live broadcast, but rather from Litard’s Twitter avatar, which is updated every 15 seconds collecting the commands sent in response to tweet inserted below these lines. Players respond to the message with one of eight commands representing the Game Boy buttons: Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start, and Select.

At the time of this writing, more than 21,800 people have responded to the tweet. For now, the community has chosen the Initial Pokémon (Squirtle, probably mistakenly wanting to choose Bulbasaur) and has left Palette Town behind. Litard had to restart progress about 13 hours ago to add save frame functionality. At dawn on January 9, he restarted it so that players could comment on the same tweet in which they enter the commands.

It remains to be seen how long they take to complete. Twitch Plays Pokmon followers got Defeat the High Command of the Pokémon League for 16 days after starting the game. In a total of 39 days completed the Pokdex.

The 25th anniversary of the saga is celebrated in 2021

In other news about Pokmon, in 2021 The Pokmon Company celebrate 25th anniversary of the saga created by Game Freak. Pokémon Unite, a development by Tencent for mobiles and Switch, are currently being announced; and New Pokémon Snap, a sequel to the Nintendop 64 classic for Nintendo Switch. Also, the rumors of a remake of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl are gaining strength.

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