The Community of Madrid asks citizens to remove snow and ice from the portals and not use the car

The Community of Madrid begins, through the Madrid 112 Security and Emergency Agency (ASEM112), the second phase of the back to normal after the snow and cold storm, once the rescues of people trapped on the roads were resolved in the early afternoon of Saturday, and after these citizens were treated in a safe area.

The regional authority reminds the people of Madrid, through a statement, that in the next few hours very low temperatures will be registered with accumulated snow on the roads and sidewalks that it’s going to turn into ice.

For this reason, the mechanical means of the Community of Madrid, the General Directorate of Regional and State Roads and the municipalities of the region have been working for hours to recover and free access and internal roads of cities.

The Community of Madrid requests the collaboration of citizens to contribute to the return to normality. For this, always taking extreme precautions and safety, it is requested to free access to portals and houses from snow and ice and to collaborate at all times with the emergency and security services.

It is also recommended to stay at home, do not use the private vehicle, and if necessary, do it with chains.

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