The compliment of a viewer of ‘La Resistencia’ dislodges David Broncano

Belén Aguilera and Lola Indigo were the guests in charge of saying goodbye to the week in The resistance, but before David Broncano could interview them this Thursday, something happened to the presenter with a person from the public.

I have a question, someone out there -Referring to the people who came to see the program in the seats of the Arlequín theater in Madrid, where the Movistar program is recorded- said a phrase and one of the two options I have had to be“, Broncano commented.

And he continued saying between laughs that “I don’t know if it was ‘I eat your dick’ or ‘you eat my dick’, it would be nice to know the difference …”. The presenter pointed towards the back of the theater: “It was there: It’s true, isn’t it?”

Viewer of 'La Resistencia'.
Viewer of ‘La Resistencia’.

At that moment, a young man raised his hand: “Was it you?”, Asked Broncano, who couldn’t help but laugh at the spectator’s occurrence. “Honors you that you have raised your hand to say that it was you. “

“Tell me: Which was one of the two?”, wanted to know the host of the program, to which the young man replied that it was about ‘I eat your dick’, an answer that Broncano liked and he responded by exclaiming: “And I to you too!”, starting the applause of the entire audience.

Yes, “Of course, in a figurative sense and following the regulations against covid-19”Broncano concluded before starting the program and the interview with the actress and the singer.

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