The consumer price index in the US rises 0.2% in November

15 minutes. The consumer price index in the United States rose 0.2% in November, driven by energy prices, and year-on-year inflation stood at 1.2%, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

The data is slightly higher than anticipated by analysts, who projected a rise of 0.1% in the price index.

If fuel and food prices, which are the most volatile, are excluded, core inflation in November also grew by 0.2% and added 1.6% in one year.

In November, food prices fell 0.1%. On the other hand, those of energy increased by 0.4% and those of transport by 1.8%.

Similarly, house prices fell 0.1%, the same figure as medical care costs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics added.

The US Federal Reserve (Fed), which maintains interest rates around 0% to boost economic activity amid the crisis caused by the pandemic, will hold its last monetary policy meeting of the year next week, in which it will disclose its new macroeconomic projections.

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