The cost of damages in the protests over the imprisonment of Pablo Hasel in Barcelona amounts to one million euros

About 700 people protested yesterday in Barcelona against the riot police of the Mossosand against the imprisonment of Pablo Hasel, on the seventh night of demonstrations after his arrest.

Protesters, convened by the CDR, gathered at the Arc de Triomf at 7:00 p.m. and later marched towards Via Laietana, where they stopped in front of the National Police Headquarters and threw objects at the building. After several notices of police intervention by the Mossos, the concentrated there left the place towards the streets of Ciutat Vella and, shortly after, the demonstration broke up.

One of the 27 arrested in the weekend protests by rapper Hasél to prison

The streets have been the protagonists of the protests for a week now and the Barcelona City Council estimated yesterday that the cost of the damage produced in public spaces during the protests over the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel amounts to one million euros. From last Tuesday to Sunday, 284 containers have been burned in the city, which represents an expense of 417,000 euros.

The disturbances also entail other costs such as 203,000 euros for cleaning, waste collection and removal of containers; 304,000 euros to repair the damage to the pavement Y 80,421 euros more for those caused in lighting, traffic lights, signage, fences and fountains.

In addition to the damage to public furniture, various businesses have been looted and destroyed during the riots. Foment del Treball and Barcelona business, hotel and restaurant associations criticized on Sunday the damage accumulated during the week in the Catalan capital and demanded “responsibilities” from the Government. According to the business community, the damage on Saturday night in Passeig de Gràcia amounted to 750,000 euros, with more than a dozen shops looted and 75 establishments with smashed shop windows.

109 detainees and 77 treated

From the beginning of the protests until last Sunday, the Mossos 109 people have been arrested in Catalonia. During the night of Sunday, there were eight arrests: five for robbing a clothing store on Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona and stealing, and three for crimes of attack against agents of the authority and public disorder.

The protests over the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél end every night in vandalism and looting of shops.  The violent ones especially prey on the establishments on Passeig de Gracia, in the center of Barcelona.  Traders put the losses at 750 thousand euros between stolen material and damage to their premises.  They accuse the Generalitat of Catalonia of being irresponsible for the way in which it is managing the riots and for the lack of a clear condemnation of the violence.  They also criticize the mayor, Ada Colau, for the silence of the first days and the lack of forcefulness.

On the other hand, the court of detainees 2 on guard duty in Barcelona decreed yesterday provisional prison, communicated and without bail for one of the detainees in the protests. The court agreed, however, provisional release for the rest, and the case remains open for the crimes of public disorder, damage, attack, resistance, theft and robbery with force.

Also between Tuesday and Sunday, the SEM has assisted 77 people, both protesters and agents. The first day of protests, Tuesday 16, saw the largest number of attentions, with 33. 11 of them took place in the city of Barcelona, ​​among which is the young woman who lost an eye after receiving, apparently, the impact of a foam projectile from the Mossos.

Aragonès supports the mossos

The vice president of the Generalitat acting as president, Pere Aragonès, yesterday supported the Mossos d’Esquadra after the protests and riots and showed his rejection of violence and looting.

At a press conference, Aragonès asked, on the other hand, “Avoid criminalization” of the protesters and address the discontent of the population from politics: «Being very clear in denouncing violent acts, which should not occur, does not mean that it is necessary to analyze the root causes of this malaise that we have to address and should be object of priority in the next legislature ”.

The 19-year-old injured one eye during the rally against Hasel's imprisonment this Tuesday in Barcelona.

The vice president assured that the Government is committed to freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate, but stressed that “The looting, the burning of public furniture and the confrontation with public workers” They are not included in these rights, so he called for calm and that the mobilizations be peaceful. Regarding police action, according to Aragonès, the Mossos d’Esquadra and the other public servants have “the full support of the Government”, and “if there have been incorrect actions, they will be analyzed and acted on in accordance with the procedures that exist for guarantee good practice ”. Thus, regarding the debate on the police model, Aragonès said that it is something that is the responsibility of the Parliament that “is going to be constituted in the coming weeks” and added that it is a debate that must be carried out “with serenity”, since these decisions “cannot be made hot.”

He also pointed out that, in this debate, one must have “the point of view of experts, professionals and rights defense entities that regularly participate in the analysis of security in Catalonia” and, furthermore, “It must be done from trust with public workers.”

The ERC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, appears in Barcelona to assess the results of the elections.

On the other hand, the comuns announced yesterday that they will return to the Parliament the proposal of eliminate foam projectiles in the body of the Mossos d’Esquadra, after the police actions of these days.

At a press conference, the deputy in Congress and party spokesman, Joan Mena, said that they reject any type of violent behavior in the demonstrations by the attendees, but also pointed out that they did not like “some of the police actions of these days “and considered that many of them they are not covered by any police protocol.

Ciutadans, on the other hand, yesterday denounced the Minister of the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, for alleged prevarication by «Not protect» the Mossos during the protests. Regarding the local sphere, the Deputy Mayor for Security of Barcelona, ​​Albert Batlle, yesterday asked for “full support” from the political leaders to the police forces and refused to review the police model, although he considered that adjustments can always be made.

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