The Covid-19 put the USS Theodore Rossvelt aircraft carrier out of service with 5,000 crew members: it was carrying out maneuvers with Colombia in harassment against Venezuela. There is a dead

That’s how it all started

“We cannot allow drug cartels to take advantage of the pandemic [de coronavirus] to threaten the lives of Americans, “Trump said.

Opinions divided

While there is little or no sympathy for Maduro in Washington at this time, this latest announcement has divided observers, with many surprised by the tremendous audacity of announcing new military maneuvers in international waters amid the coronavirus crisis.

Critics considered the ad a crude political maneuver by Trump to increase his chances of re-election in an important pendular state like Florida, home to many Venezuelans and Cubans who consider Maduro a human virus as dangerous as covid-19.

Outcome of the operation

The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosvelt last week abandoned its deployment in the Western Pacific directly affected by the current spread of the coronavirus. The Pentagon initially confirmed that three of the sailors on this ship, with 5,000 people, on board showed symptoms of having contracted Covid-19. On Thursday he reported that there were already 23 crew members who had tested positive for the disease, although some media reported that day that those affected added a greater number.

CVN-71 aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosvelt

Given the situation, the Navy chose to cancel the mission of the ship in the Pacific and redirect it to the island of Guam, where it must remain in quarantine, without anyone from the crew being able to disembark.

According to Secretary of the United States Navy (US Navy), Thomas modly, the entire crew of the USS Theodore Roosvelt (with designation CVN-71) is undergoing tests to verify whether or not they suffer from Covid-19.

The ship docked two weeks ago in the Vietnamese port of Danang, at a time when that country already had just under two dozen confirmed cases of coronavirus.

According to the information collected by Europa Press, last Thursday there were 600 cases of Covid-19 at United States Department of Defense, of which 133 belong to the US Navy.

The USS Theodore Roosvelt It is the fourth nuclear aircraft carrier in the class Nimitz. It is a vessel of more than 100,000 tons of displacement at full load, 333 meters in length and with a loaded wing of up to 90 aircraft, mainly fixed-wing.

This April 13, a member of the crew of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, where an outbreak of the new coronavirus was registered, died on Monday of complications related to the disease, 11 days after the captain of the vessel was fired for expressing his concerns about that the Navy had done little to safeguard its crew.

The sailor is the first active duty U.S. serviceman to die from COVID-19. His name or other identity information was not released due to pending notification to his relatives. The crew member had tested positive for the coronavirus on March 30 and was removed from the ship and placed in an “isolation dwelling” along with four other seafarers at the US Navy base in Guam. On April 9, he was found unconscious during a medical examination and transferred to the intensive care unit of a local hospital.

Over the weekend, four other Roosevelt crewmembers were hospitalized to monitor for symptoms of the coronavirus, the Navy noted. All are in stable condition and none are in intensive care or connected to respirators.


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