The curious theory that explains why Goku wears a light blue suit in Dragon Ball GT

Goku’s light blue suit is one of the objects that generates the most debates in manga and anime fan service. He makes his first appearance at the end of Dragon Ball Z and ends up becoming his constant outfit, in GT.

What is the reason for Goku to dress this way? Except for his early days, when he was just a child, the endearing protagonist of Akira Toriyama’s work always comes out in his red (or orange) suit that he sometimes combines with a blue shirt.

There are two ways to analyze Dragon Ball situations: the simple ones, in which there is no background of any kind, and the meticulous ones, which always seek some meaning from every detail. For us none is right or wrong; They are visions and ways of seeing the series.

Based on the first way to live Dragon Ball, Goku’s light blue suit was a simple color change and nothing more. At best it relates to his origins in that he wore a different shade of blue.

But if we look for a background to this situation, we find a theory from a content creator on Twitter, which is very logical.

The author of this theory is @Mario_Tierra Recognized on Twitter for always being aware of every Dragon Ball news or detail. The content creator says, bluntly, that the color change in Goku’s suit is related to the formation of him by the Angels, like Whis.

He says this with a solid argument. While training with the Angel in charge of Bills, Goku wears a suit that is orange in color, but with the same long cut on top, as the light blue one that debuts in Dragon Ball Z.

@Mario_Tierra affirms that Goku will not become an Angel, but the simple fact that he is going down that path to increase his powers leads him to at least change the color of his iconic suit.