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Apple has introduced a new feature in the App Store that lets us shows all the data that apps have access to. This is something that companies like Facebook have not liked at all, since they make available to users all the data that they must give in exchange for using their apps and services.

messaging appsWe analyze the main messaging apps

However, this is a new privacy feature from Apple that is highly valued and that empowers users. We knew that Facebook collected our data, but we are not able to understand it until you see everything well explained and cataloged.

For this reason we have decided to compare the data they collect which may be the 4 most used messaging applications by iPhone users: iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

The data collected by the main messaging apps compared

WhatsApp It is the most used messaging app in the world, and probably all users have it installed on their iPhone. On the other hand, Telegram it is positioned as the main alternative. We also have iMessage, Apple’s messaging app is installed on many of the company’s devices. And finally Facebook Messenger, which in certain places is a widely used app.

All this data that we have collected You can see them in the App Store in each application section. Those of the iOS Messages app are on Apple’s official privacy website.

We could stop to analyze the data accessed by each app, but A picture is worth a thousand words for this comparison:

data collected by ipadizate messaging appsThis is the data collected by the most popular messaging apps

As you can see, the one less data you need to collect to function is Telegram, although it is true that if you later give location permissions or register with an email, the data collected is the same as that of the Apple app.

Then we have WhatsApp, with a fairly large amount of data collected, but what remains totally eclipsed by the huge amount of data that Facebook Messenger collects from each user. Without a doubt, the app that obtains the most data from its users.

In addition to all this, it must be borne in mind that now WhatsApp will share data with Facebook, and if you do not accept it, it will delete your account. So the amount of data that Facebook may have in its possession is truly scary.

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