Bill Cartwright, a pivot who played for the Bulls from 1988 to 1994, had to endure the contempt of Michael Jordan, his teammate. Motes, bad passes and an impossible life until the center exploded. «If you do something like that again, I’ll break both your legs »Cartwright warned Michael Jordan.

The documentary The Last Dance, focused on the career of Michael Jordan, has again fueled popularity and admiration for the NBA and Chicago Bulls star. However, not everything has served to shine more its image, it has also shown some less pleasant facet of the American. His desire to win made him not only implacable against his rivals, but also his own teammates had to suffer Jordan’s wrath in his own flesh.

One of them was Bill Cartwright, that upon landing at the Chicago Bulls he became Jordan’s enemy. The 23rd of the Bulls did not like anything that came off their friend Charles Oakley and that’s why he took it upon himself to make Bill’s life impossible. He immediately gave him the nickname of Medical Bill, for the injuries that the center had suffered.

But the thing did not stop there, Jordan even told his teammates not to pass the ball to him in important plays or I gave him bad passes to put him in evidence. A situation that Bill had to endure until it exploded after Michael Jordan took charge of recriminating him after a bad performance by the center.

Look, I don’t like the things I’ve heard you say about me, or that you tell the boys not to pass the ball to me. If you do something like that again you will never play basketball again because I will break both your legs »Bill warned him. Jordan listened and did not reply. Fortunately, things improved between the two in the following season, also coinciding with an improvement in Cartwright’s game.