The day John Lennon included a Chilean soccer player on the cover of one of his albums

They are fulfilled this Tuesday 40 years after the murder of John Lennon. On December 8, 1980, the legendary Beatle returned home from the Dakota Building in New York after passing through the recording studio and was shot at the same door by a disturbed fan, Mark David Chapman.

Lennon was barely 40 when his life was taken from him And, with his death, the legend he had forged in the past 17 years was enlarged, since the first Beatles album, Please Please Me, was released in 1963.

Infinite details are known about the figure of John Lennon, although there have always been certain enigmas around his life. One of the recurring questions is what relationship the Beatles had with football.

Being originally from Liverpool, it is always taken for granted that they would be fans of the sport that their country gave birth to and that they would sympathize with one of the teams in their city. However, the relationship of the ‘Fab4’ with football was practically null as with the rest of sports, with exceptions such as the sympathy that Ringo starr saves Arsenal or the George Harrison’s huge fondness for F1.

Although they weren’t very football fans, John Lennon’s fourth solo album, released in 1974, Walls and Bridges’, has a cover dedicated to football. Why?

Chilean George Romero

This John Lennon album, which contains recognized songs from his solo career such as ‘Whatever gets you thru the night’, It draws attention to the drawing that illustrates its cover.

A football scene that John himself drew when he was 11 years old, shortly before taking his first musical steps with ‘The Quarymen’. The goal in question is the one that the Chilean Jorge ‘George’ Romero scored against Arsenal in 1952 and helped Newcastle win the FA Cup that year.

The only footballer on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s

Also a footballer sneaks into the mythical cover of the ‘Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ by the Beatles. This is Albert Stubbins, Liverpool player, and who ‘sneaked’ on the cover although the reason has never been completely clear, given the little interest in football among the four from Liverpool.

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