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The Snyder cut of the League of Justice has been one of the most anticipated films of the year by fans of the DC Expanded Universe. The director’s cut premiered on HBO Max and other digital distribution platforms this past March. However, when his latest trailer began to circulate on the network, a phrase from the Joker became all the rage. The character played by Jared Leto says, “We live in a society where honor is a distant memory,” but leaves fans with the intrigue of the entire scene.

The premiere of the Justice League Snyder Cut has finally arrived and Zack Snyder devotees went through the tape over and over again in search of the long-awaited scene. The surprise? The director decided to eliminate her. We do not really know why, but we believe that he would have had enough reasons to make that decision, although he had previously assured that he wanted to give Ben Affleck’s Batman the opportunity to share a “real” scene with Leto’s Joker. Although it did happen, they omitted the fragment of the legendary phrase.

Now, Zack Snyder has wanted to offer a kind of gift to his fans and has posted on Twitter the full dialogue between the Joker and Batman in the Justice League Snyder Cut. This event is part of Knightmare, a vision of the future of Bruce Wayne, which begins in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), in which Superman has teamed up with Darkseid to take over the world.

“We live in a society”, before being a Joker meme

The phrase first appreciated in an episode of Seinfeld, the nineties sitcom. George takes out his anger at not being able to use a pay phone and yells, “We live in a society.” Some time later, in 2015, the first memes with the phrase appeared on sites like 4chan and Reddit, but with the image of Joker and other phrases added.

In 2018 a petition was started for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker to finally say the phrase in Joker. That didn’t happen immediately, but Zack Snyder listened to the Fandom and included it in the trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut. As if that were not enough, the networks began to burn again when the phrase did not appear in the film.

YouTube poster

Relentlessly, fans have already started a new movement under #RestoreTheSnyderverse. With this they pretend that Zack Snyder takes back the reins of the DC Extended Universe, although the study has no intention of doing so. Sadly, the petition has included a series of disparaging comments, insults, and direct threats against Warner Bros. executives, leading to the unwanted “toxic fandom.”

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