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An American voter of the decisive sector of the third age

A Stanford University study has calculated that Trump’s rallies caused more than 30,000 coronavirus cases and could be linked to 700 deaths.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have participated in several events this Saturday to try to attract the last undecided in the middle of the final stretch of the campaign for the elections next Tuesday in the United States, where more than 91 million citizens have already voted in advance.

Encouraged by the pandemic, these early voting figures are almost double those of four years ago and in Texas, turnout, three days before the elections take place, is already higher than in 2016.

The state of Florida has also registered a high turnout with 8.3 million early votes, according to DPA.


A Stanford University study has calculated that Trump’s rallies caused more than 30,000 coronavirus cases and could be linked to 700 deaths.

Those in charge of the study analyzed 18 events carried out by the president last summer to arrive at these results.

However, Trump has not placed special emphasis on the pandemic during the events in which he participated this Saturday and has focused on the jobs he promises to create if he renews his mandate and the protection of fracking.

The US president has signed an executive order in which he has commissioned a study of the costs that would mean for the United States to stop using this method of oil extraction, according to Bloomberg.

The Republican candidate has been ensuring throughout the campaign that his opponent, Joe Biden, will ban fracking and destroy the jobs associated with it, something that Biden has repeatedly denied.


For his part, Joe Biden has campaigned alongside former President Barack Obama in Michigan. Obama has been actively involved in the campaign of his former vice president over the past week.

Both have shared events and even a basketball court where Obama has been recorded making a triple before the watchful eye of Biden in a video that has quickly gone viral.

Unlike Trump, Biden has focused his speech on the mismanagement of the pandemic in the country and the need to recover the national spirit. He has also accused Trump on Twitter of inciting violence to his followers.

For his part, Obama has defined November 3 as “the most important election of our lives” and has had words of praise for his “brother” Biden, who he has said made him a better president, the CBS news network reported .

This Sunday, Biden will hold events in the state of Pennsylvania, while Trump will tour North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Iowa and Michigan. All of these are considered by the expert «hinge states» and keys for any candidate to achieve victory.

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