The Electoral Recount: The Longest Night for America

The night of the US electoral recount, which can last days, even has not given the victory, although there is a certain advantage, to the Democratic candidate, but they have not just confirmed the victory.

About 240 million people were called to the polls to elect the next president of the United States between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. An atypical elections marked by the pandemic and by a still atypical, controversial president whose reelection, if produced, terrify the world and half of the US.

Everything is atypical in these elections, where for the first time there will be many more voters who have come to vote before, telematically or in advance, than those who did yesterday on election day.

More of 97 million Americans, which represents the 70% of the global vote in 2016 in which Hillary Clinton lost against all odds, they voted before the polls opened, which will also delay the announcement of the winner of the US Presidency.

TRUMP, loser or not

For the moment, Trump, who according to the polls is the loser of the telematic or early vote, has already said that what is not recounted this long past night, will no longer be worth. An atypical decision, which most likely will not be endorsed by the courts.

The democrat Joe biden comes as a favorite in the polls, but there is still reasonable doubts of his success.

And it is that each State has different rules when voting and counting. Some allow early voting to be processed before Election Day – yesterday Tuesday – others, only from that date, and even there are states that accept ballots even weeks after the election day.

Trump, if he loses, will try to nullify those votes that could take the Presidency from Joe Biden, who, you know, what is going to be voted more against Trump than for himself.

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