The emeritus king pays 678,000 euros to regularize his situation with the Treasury

King Emeritus Juan Carlos I has paid 678,393.72 euros “including interest and surcharges” in order to regularize his situation with the Treasury, as reflected in a statement from his lawyer Javier Sánchez Junco. The letter, brief, adds that in this way the debt of the emeritus “is resolved.”

“In any case, His Majesty the King D. Juan Carlos, continues, as he always has been, available to the Public Prosecutor for any procedure or action it deems appropriate, “they conclude.

Communiqué of the lawyer of the king emeritus.
Communiqué of the lawyer of the king emeritus.
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Last Sunday, El País reported that King Juan Carlos planned to present this voluntary declaration at the Treasury to regularize your tax situation. The statement is not related to assets abroad, but to the use by the emeritus king and some of his relatives of bank cards with opaque funds of a Mexican businessman who is being investigated by the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office.

This same Wednesday, the Government spokesperson and Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has avoided commenting on the possibility that King Juan Carlos was to regularize his tax situation because it is confidential information about a taxpayer and was referred to the royal house on any matter related to the king emeritus.

“The Government will continue working so that all taxpayers comply with their tax obligations wherever they come from and they live where they live, “he added at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

In this context, Montero has indicated that any tax fraud must be fought with the law, while technical assistance must be given to people who want to comply with their tax obligations.

Voluntary regularization can be submitted at any time before the Tax Agency opens an inspection or a judge summons to testify as being investigated for alleged tax fraud or money laundering. In this way, the emeritus will almost certainly avoid a court case.

The emeritus king left Spain last August and since then resides in the United Arab Emirates as the guest of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

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