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The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, confirmed this Friday that he has already submitted his resignation to King William Alexander of the Netherlands

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Hague, Netherlands.- The government of the Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mark Rutte, presented its bloc resignation due to the controversy caused by administrative illegalities in the allocation of you help families with children, which mainly affected parents of foreign origin and led many to go into debt to return to the tax agency what they had received for years, local media report and NOS public television confirms.

Just two months before the legislative elections, the Dutch cabinet led by Mark Rutte assumed political responsibility for what happened, considered by the press as the greatest scandal political and administrative of all legislatures of the liberal politician, in power since 2010.

According to NOS, the Executive will remain as the acting government until the March 17 elections, which will allow it to continue managing the pandemic and applying the necessary restrictions as part of the current lockdown, which keeps all non-essential activity closed until at least March 9. February.

The resignation seemed imminent for several days and the four parties that make up the coalition – liberal VVD, Call Democristiana CDA, progressives D66 and Christian Union – have met several times to negotiate their decision, but, according to RTL Nieuws, while all the partners were betting on resignation, Rutte was reluctant to take the step and only threats from other parties to withdraw their support in parliament made him give in today.

The first cases of this scandal date back to 2014, when the Tax Agency began sending letters to more than 26,000 families accusing them without foundation of fraud to obtain family allowances with which to pay for their children’s nurseries, and they were required to return tens of thousands of euros received in benefits in installments that did not exceed weeks, which led many to lose their home, work and to go into debt to raise the money.

The tax authorities, which continued to block aid even though families sent the necessary documents to justify their need to obtain the benefit, did not give explanations to those affected, later showing that it was mostly families of foreign origin who were object of this measure, and that his second nationality was indicated in official documents, something illegal because it was discriminatory.

A month ago, a parliamentary committee formed to investigate what happened concluded in a report that an « unprecedented injustice » had been committed against the parents, who received an « institutionally biased treatment », which « violates the principles of the rule of law » , and accused ministers, officials, deputies and judges of having « made mistakes. »

In a first reaction, the leader of the green left GroenLinks, Jesse Klaver, stressed that the resignation is « the only correct decision » that the Dutch government could have taken and bet on « a new beginning, a turning point, the moment for build a welfare state in which the executive relies on its own citizens.  »

Rutte admits that « innocent people have been criminalized »

Mark Rutte admitted that innocent people have been « criminalized » when 26,000 families were baselessly accused of defrauding the Tax Agency to achieve family allowances to care for their children, which led many to ruin.

In a press conference after a meeting with his government partners, Rutte confirmed that his resignation as prime minister does not mean that he will stop leading the Liberals (VVD) in the elections next March and, although his future is in In the hands of the party, he stressed that he has « every confidence » that he will continue as the head of the list to be reelected in two months, if the forecasts of the polls are confirmed.

Rutte acknowledged that the report of the commission that investigated the scandal of the family allowances it is « tough, but fair » and that things « were done terribly wrong », because « innocent people have been criminalized, their lives were destroyed and Parliament received incorrect and incomplete information. »

He added that « this cannot and must not go wrong again » and regretted that « the Government did not meet its own high standards, » which is a « systemic failure that cannot be left without consequences, » as they concluded « completely. unanimous « the four parties of the coalition.

For the liberal, the rule of law « must protect its citizens from a government with total powers », which, according to him, did not happen when, since 2014, the Tax Agency began to send letters to families with children to accuse them of fraud, without giving them any arguments.

« I’m crying (…). This is the right thing to do, it couldn’t have been any other way. I was in misery for 12 years of my life, and the worst thing for me was that my daughter had a very bad time, I didn’t want to keep living, « said Kristie Rongen, one of the victims of scandal of the benefits, to the public radio NPO after knowing the resignation of the Government.

He assured that there were days when his children did not have food to take to school and that, on many occasions, he had to « make the excuse that they were sick » because he « was ashamed and feared that they would be taken away » by social services for the situation they were in.

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