The Entrepreneurial Education Week is celebrated from January 25 to 29

The High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation promotes, for the first time in Spain, the Entrepreneurial Education Week. It is an initiative to bring the educational community and the innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem closer together. This time it will take place from January 25 to 29,

It is the first edition of an event that will be held each year in the week after International Education Day, on January 24. This thematic week aims to bring innovative entrepreneurship to the educational field, valuing entrepreneurship as one of the essential skills that education systems should promote.

“The role of education is key for Spain to be an entrepreneurial nation”

The Entrepreneurial Education Week is promoted by the High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation, a body directly dependent on the Prime Minister, and has the support of the Ministries of Education and Universities. The innovative and educational entrepreneurship sector also collaborates.

Among its objectives are to recognize the key role of training and teaching in the quality of innovative entrepreneurship; awaken interest in vocations towards studies that facilitate entrepreneurship and vocations STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics); bring the experiences of innovative entrepreneurship closer to educational centers; and to value the role of the social entrepreneur who leads initiatives with transformative impact.

“Education is also a key facilitator for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to be increasingly efficient”

According to Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation, “If we invest in education today, we invest in the future of our country, in employment and in the growth of our economy. Education is not only one of the three necessary levers to improve the country’s productivity, it is also a key facilitator for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to be increasingly efficient. We promote this initiative because the role of education is key to make Spain an entrepreneurial nation “.

The year of Covid-19, the worst in more than a decade

In Spain, something more than half of the entrepreneurs (52%) who start a business are studentsAccording to Bridge for Billions, one of the largest entrepreneurship networks in the world. 57% of these students are women and 48% are graduates or graduates.

But with the pandemic in between, 2020 was not the best year to start. According to data from Axesor, the year of Covid-19 closed with the worst results in more than a decade.

In 2020, 76,189 companies were created, almost 19% less than a year earlier and the lowest figure since 2008. In the case of volume of capital contributed by entrepreneurs, the decrease stood at 9.7%, at 4,912.53 million euros. It is the lowest amount since 2009 and the second worst in history.

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