The ETA members applaud Sánchez after the release of Troitiño, the murderer of 22 people Spain News

The Government of Pedro Sánchez had decreed last October the approach -from Madrid to Segovia- of the bloodthirsty and historic ETA Antonio Troitiño, whose footprint is behind 22 murders (including 12 civil guards in the Plaza de la Dominican Republic in Madrid). But he has not even been transferred, since Penitentiary Institutions announced this Tuesday that he is being released for « humanitarian » reasons: he suffers from cancer, despite the fact that he is not on the list of ETA members serving time with serious illnesses. The group of prisoners of the terrorist gang has applauded this decision of the Coalition Executive, which they frame within the new «context of transfers and approaches of Basque political prisoners promoted by the Spanish Government ».

On June 14, 1986, a car loaded with 5 express pots and 35 kilograms of Goma 2 exploded in the Plaza de la República when a convoy of the Civil Guard passed by. More than 70 Benemérita agents were traveling in several vehicles, of which many (around 60) were seriously injured. Twelve of them died. Crouching near there was Antonio Troitiño, who was the one who activated the bombs before rushing away in a vehicle driven by another historic gang killer, Iñaki by Juana Chaos.

Those 12 deaths were added in the 80s another ten more, up to a total of 22, in which Trotiño had direct participation and for which he was sentenced to more than 2,700 years in prison by the National Court, who stayed at 24 (does not reach 1%) when he was released in 2011 by application of the so-called ‘Parot doctrine‘. Fled to the United Kingdom as soon as he was released from prison, since 2014 he has been serving another sentence for having rejoined ETA. A second sentence that ends this Tuesday, with his final release. One of the most relevant movements in this new 2021, after a record 2020 in which the Government, in full political idyll with EH Bildu, released 32 ETA members and brought another 130 closer.

Applauded by the prisoners

According to the group of ETA prisoners Etxerat, which brings together the families and inmates of the gang, Troitiño is suffering from a serious illness. A incurable tumor, although the association itself acknowledges that « it does not appear on the list of 17 prisoners with serious illnesses. »

This release, applauded by the ETA convicted group, is framed within the new « context of transfers and approaches of Basque political prisoners promoted by the Spanish Government, » they emphasize.

«As the car signed yesterday, Monday, the National audience Article 104.4 (3rd degree) applies to Antonio Troitiño in attention to his state of health and decrees his conditional release. The order establishes that Troitiño suffers from a very serious and incurable disease, which can only be treated with palliative measures and respect for which the stay in prison could make it difficult.

Free all prisoners

The legislation applied in this case is the same that has been used for years: in some cases prisoners who are in a terminal state are released to return to their homes before death. But in others, the release occurs because the defense of the prisoners alleges that the stay in prison is negative for the evolution of the disease.

This is stated in its reports by the Jaiki Hadi collective, linked to the platform of prisoners and supposedly made up of professionals from Santiago. As they have been denouncing for years, almost all ETA prisoners suffer from all kinds of diseases and ailments due to, among other things, the design of Spanish prisons. They allege that they are small, poorly lit, very cold in winter and very hot in summer, and that this complicates the ailments. From a simple dermatitis to cancer. On the other hand, there are ETA members who have benefited from the end of their sentence for medical reasons and, decades later, continue to live and lead a normal life in the towns that years ago were the scene of their murders. This is the case, for example, of the former member of the Bizkaia command, José Manuel Azkarate Ramos, who was released by the Government of Felipe González in 1992 for suffering from esophageal varices. The jail, they alleged in their defense, aggravated their health problem.

«We want, at this time, to send a big hug to Anton Troitiño and his family. We want to offer them all our support and we want to accompany them in this complicated situation, « Etxerat warns in his statement.

“As Etxerat has denounced so many times, the extreme conditions suffered in prison and the long sentences to which he submits the Basque prisoners are at the very origin of situations like the one that the San Sebastian prisoner must now face. We ask once again for the immediate release of all seriously ill prisoners, « they demand from the prison group.

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