The European stock markets open green due to the push of the US technology companies

Madrid, Jul 31 (EFE) .- The main European stock markets have started the session higher, after the sharp falls on Thursday, boosted by the good results of the large US technology companies.

At 7:30 GMT, Milan was up 1.1%; Frankfurt, 0.7%; Madrid and Paris, 0.5%; and London, 0.4%.

According to Renta 4 analysts, the upward opening of the European indices reflects the positive results of the large US technology companies, which presented their accounts yesterday.

On Wall Street, before the results of the technology were known, the Dow Jones closed yesterday with a decrease of 0.85% but the Nasdaq ended the session in green.

In the oil market, prices recover. Brent, the benchmark crude in Europe, rose 0.8% to $ 43.6 a barrel; and the West Texas Intermediate (WTI), a benchmark in the US, appreciates 0.9% before the formal opening of the market and is around 40.2 dollars per barrel.

Gold, one of the assets considered safe in uncertain times, has once again hit a record high, $ 1,983.36, according to Bloomberg data, although it is now trading at $ 1,972 per ounce.

In the currency market, the euro has reached $ 1.19, the highest level since May 2018.

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