« The first, in the front »

On Thursday, January 21, Telecinco premiered the third edition of ‘The island of temptations’, in a broadcast in which the five leading couples met the singles with whom they would live before finally separating from their partners. After spending almost a day in the different villas, the ten protagonists of the edition met to grant their first appointments, at which time Jesús Sánchez Seda ended up expressing his concern when he saw the rapid complicity that had arisen between his partner, Marina García, and Isaac Torres, his chosen one for the first date.

Jesus, annoyed to see the quick complicity between Marina and Isaac in ‘The island of temptations 3’

« I choose it because it gives me a very good vibe and it is the one I have had the most affinity with. It is a boyish charm », acknowledged Marina, after choosing the « wolf » as her first date, at which time the Sevillian was very smiling. « I was expecting him, because he’s a pretty handsome boy and my girlfriend has good taste, » Jesus acknowledged when Sandra Barneda wanted to know his opinion on Garcia’s choice. « I know she knows what the limits are, I hope that she will respect them and stay as a friend »added Sánchez, to whom the aforementioned responded with a « man, of course », very convinced. However, Jesus’ comment prompted Isaac to make a gesture of complicity at Marina, who could not contain a shy laugh. « As friends, neither. We’ll see, » Torres declared, after which Jesús encouraged his smiling partner to respond to the words of their future date.

« It’s funny. At the moment, he’s the one I have the most affinity with, but nothing more, » Marina said, taking the matter off steam, without convincing her boyfriend. « In less than twenty-four hours you already have codes between you? », Observed Barneda, somewhat surprised. « I’m not stupid either and she, less. I look at her and at least I know that the look we have, there is something, » said Isaac, who clarified that « I know that it is complicated for her, as well as for him. » The bachelor’s words awakened gestures of consolation among the companions of a concerned Jesus, while Marina was incredulous at his downcast attitude. « I am surprised. In less than twenty-four hours, he is not able to be blunt and say: ‘no, you are just my friend’ », reproached the Sevillian. « Wow, now it’s going to be grated, » Marina said, something her partner agreed with, who criticized that « the first day, the first on the forehead. » Jesús expressed his annoyance at the affinity between García and Torres, something that his girlfriend did not deny, given that « I have come to test myself and of all of them, the one I like the most is him. »

« I can be attracted to someone else »

« He can say mass, but you have to trust me, » argued Marina, annoyed, who attributed her partner’s attitude to the fact that « he is very insecure. » « I trust her, but her attitude has bothered me a little, » Jesus confessed, concerned that « she has not given me my space » at Isaac’s words. The tension between the two did not stop there, given when Lucía Sánchez chose her date, the Cádiz-born woman admitted that Isaac had been one of the options, but that she saw a greater affinity between him and Marina, so she had ruled it out. « Lucia said that she saw him as a friend. So, how does my girlfriend see him? » Jesus blurted out, uneasy, causing both Lucia and Marina to clarify that there was nothing beyond complicity. « What’s wrong with having an affinity with a guy? I can have a partner and I can be perfectly attracted to another person. That means absolutely nothing, « defended the second, before the cameras.

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