The First Vice President of the United States will not be the last

Alone 244 years have passed to witness a woman occupying the position of Vice President of the United States. Kamala harris, running mate of the Democratic candidate — today President-elect — Joe Biden, since she was a child, she has written her story surrounded by countless firsts, this time she will be the first woman to hold one of the most important positions in the executive branch.

While I am the first woman to hold this position, I will not be the lastHarris stressed in his speech, then added: “Because every girl who is looking at us will see that this is a country of possibilities“.

The current 56-year-old Democratic senator from California was declared the Vice President-elect this Saturday, making her the woman who has held the highest political office in the history of the United States, an honor that until now had the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi.

The life of Kamala harrisThe daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, she has broken the famous glass ceiling since 2010 when she was elected the first woman, and the first non-white person, to serve as a San Francisco Prosecutor. In 2011, she had climbed so many steps towards that ceiling, invisible but real, that she was already attorney general of the state of California, where again a first time, a black woman was making history.

With every broken barrier Harris, the senator from California, established herself as a new face of American political power, a reflection of a broad cross-section of the population that for much of American history did not see itself among the nation’s leaders. Today history is rewritten, and a black woman of Asian origin is at the forefront to tell it.

The name of Kamala harris it’s quite a statement of intent on what to expect from the future vice president. Of Jamaican and Indian origin, it has been drunk from a culture that “produces strong women”. And it is that the name Kamala makes mention of its Indian origin which means “lotus”, One of the denominations of the Hindu goddess Lakshami.

In 2004, her mother told the Los Angeles Times that “a goddess-worshiping culture produces strong women”. Proof of her mother’s influence is that Harris he constantly mentions in his speeches his mother, his greatest reference.

I remember my mother and the generations of Black, Asian, Latina, Native American, and women who fought throughout our country’s history and paved the way for tonight. I will be the first woman in my position, but not the last”.

Wendy davis, Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives from Texas declared “Think of all those girls in America and what this will mean for them. My granddaughters will grow up with a woman of color in the White House and will not see it as exceptional. It fascinates me to think that this will be part of their ‘normality‘”.

Harris, who was the first to speak at the event in which Joe Biden gave his first words as president-elect. He then declared that “democracy is not a state, but an act. Democracy is only as strong as our ability to fight for it”. In addition, he remarked that “Protecting democracy requires sacrifice, but there is joy in that because we have the power to build our future. With their vote they have chosen unity, decency and truth”.

Today a black woman, of Asian origin, and Vice President-elect of the United States tells us: “Dream with ambition, lead with conviction, and see yourself as perhaps others do not.”.

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