The forceful zasca from Ana Milan to Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada for wealth and poverty – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Ana Milan has become a trending topic again, but it has not been to tell any of his anecdotes in this case. The root of this controversy is an interview with Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and one of her sons in which she commented on how the designer had decided to educate them. However, it was the concept of wealth and poverty causing a stir on Twitter, of which Ana Milan emerged as the defender of the opinion of many people.

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada during an interview

In that interview, Ágatha commented with Tristán Ramírez, her first-born, that her children « they never knew if they were rich or poor« , alluding to the good economic situation of the great of Spain and her then husband, Pedro J. Ramírez. Precisely, these statements caused an excessive commotion in the blue bird social network, where Ana Milan knew how to perfectly clarify the inaccurate that comment: « Agatha, darling, if they had been poor they would have noticed …« , answered.

The tweeting universe once again surrenders to Ana Milan’s feet for this necessary clarification that many people applaud. However, when a user comments that Ruiz was « the wife of », alluding to the figure of her ex-husband, Milan does not hesitate to break a spear in favor of the designer and defend her, stating that she « has an independent career » and that, furthermore, « does not need anyone to be Agatha« In popular language, this can be translated as one of lime and another of sand, but both arguments with good reason.

Ana Milan is once again crowned queen of Twitter

The actress who gave life to Olympia in ‘Physics or chemistry’ get crowned again on Twitter for being a public figure capable of giving voice to the opinion of so many people. The vast majority of responses to the tweet agree with Milan’s opinion: « Obviously, the lack of things would have helped them to realize … But it is not the case« , answered a user. In this way, the Alicante continues to give many joys through the networks after having become a protagonist during confinement with her anecdotes.

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