The funeral of Philip of Edinburgh will be held on April 17 and Harry is expected to attend.

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The body will remain at Windsor Castle, the royal family’s residence near London, until the ceremony is held in the adjacent St George’s Chapel

Flowers at Windsor for the death of the Duke BEN STANSALLAFP

The funeral for the Duke of Edinburgh will be held next Saturday, April 17, as announced by Buckingham Palace and will be at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. The ceremony will take place according to the wishes of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. It will not be a state funeral and the Covid restrictions will be followed.

The private ceremony will be broadcast on television and Prince Harry, currently in Californiaattend, but not his pregnant wife Meghan Markle, the statement said. At the beginning of the ceremony, a minute of silence will be observed throughout the country.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he will not attend the ceremony to leave as much space as possible for members of the royal family, since this type of event is reduced to 30 people due to the pandemic.

Prince Charles of England, first in line to the British throne, paid tribute this Saturday to the “loved and appreciated” figure of his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died yesterday at the age of 99. “As you can imagine, my family and I miss my father greatly.. He was a much loved and cherished figure who, I can imagine, would have been deeply moved by the number of people, here, around the world and in the Commonwealth, who share our loss and sadness, “he said. In front of his residence Highgrove House, in the English county of Gloucestershire, Charles stressed that the consort of Queen Elizabeth II was “a very special person”.

The Countess of Wessex, wife of prince edward, the youngest son of Elizabeth II and the late Duke of Edinburgh, this Saturday praised the monarch after visiting her at her Windsor residence: “The queen has been incredible,” Sophie told the media, with tears in her eyes.

One day after their father’s death, Prince Philip, Edward, and his wife stopped briefly to exchange a few words with the citizens who had gathered at the castle gates to pay tribute to the Duke.

The prince andrs, third of the four children of Isabel II and Felipe, I also visited his mother this morning in Windsor, about 30 kilometers west of London. Despite the fact that the Royal House and the Government have requested that concentrations be avoided in front of the residences of the monarchy, due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, some citizens have come during the day to the gates of Windsor Castle to deposit floral offerings.

Philip of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, dies at 99

After the death of the duke, a documentary broadcast by the BBC has collected some reflections of Felipe’s children about their father. “His energy to support my mother was impressive”, affirms in that piece Charles of England, first-born of the queen and heir to the British throne.

“I think the best I remember him is as someone who was always there. A person to whom you could pitch ideas and to whom you could always come if you had problems, knowing that he would listen to you and try to help you “, expressed Princess Ana for her part. Eduardo described his father as” a source of support, encouragement and guidance “.” He never tried to stop any activity or something that we would try to do, always it encouraged us, “he said.

Salvas de can by Felipe of Edinburgh

Salvas de can in some of the main cities of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and British military ships on the high seas pay tribute this Saturday to the prince philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away on Friday at the age of 99.

There are 41 series of salvoes in locations such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, as well as from the destroyers HMS Diamond and HMS Montrose, according to the Ministry of Defense.

The Duke of Edinburgh, husband of the British sovereign for 73 years, served in the British Royal Navy during World War II and held the ceremonial post of Lord Grand Admiral at the head of that body.

The Chief Admiral of the Navy, Tony Radakin, has praised in a statement the “genuine empathy” and “appreciation” that the duke showed for that branch of the Army. “His generous spirit, his appreciation for all aspects of naval service, and his deep understanding of our values, standards and ‘ethos’ made him a close friend for service for more than eight decades,” he stated.

The body of Philip of Edinburgh stay at windsor castle, residence of the royal family near London, until his funeral is held in the adjacent Chapel of St. George.

In line with the wishes expressed by the duke, not be a state ceremony Y not be preceded by a public wake. The restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have led the British Government and Buckingham Palace to ask citizens not to gather in front of the royal residences to leave flowers and pay tribute to the prince.

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